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Serve up some action as you take on your favorite classic Nintendo characters in this tennis challenge. There's never been more realistic tennis action on the Game Boy, as every possible detail is included. You can play in either Singles or Doubles mode, but don't expect it to be easy; the computer has some pretty good moves for a computer, that is. You can choose from a number of characters initially, and even more become available as you unlock them. You'll need to achieve certain goals to do so, however, and that's no small feat. The more experience you gain through winning matches, the more skills and abilities your character will possess as attributes. You can use an N64 Transfer Pack (not included) to move your characters from the Game Buy to the N64, and you can get two-player action going (head-to-head or co-op doubles versus the computer) if you have two Game Boy Color units and a link cable. It might not be Wimbledon, but the again, Wimbledon was never this much fun.

Mario Tennis is a Sports/Tennis video game for Game Boy developed and published by Nintendo on January 25, 2001. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Mario Tennis were added October 30, 2011. We also have the game available on Nintendo64, in addition to Game Boy.




Skip Beginning Story

When you start as a new tennis player, if you want to skip the beginning story that takes place just simply press A+B+Select+Start to reset the game. The story will have already taken place and you will start in your dorm room.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Gold/Silver Racket Hints

Most of you know that to get the rackets you have to equip the iron racket and talk to the boy by the lake and swing your racket 100-150 times. To do this without wearing out your finger use a bottle cap or something flat and rub it back and forth on the a and be buttons as fast as you can.

Different Dorm Rooms

This ones pretty simple. If you start off with Kate as your dorm partner the dorm will be pink with a cat in it that says meow when you talk to it. If you choose harry you get a plain blue room.

Boy/Girl Teams

When you first start the game you wont be able to pick your partner. If you choose the boy youll automatically get Harry. If you choose the girl you automaticaly get Kate. To be able to choose your partner beat the game succesfully on doubles and singles with one pair. Start a new game and you can use which ever partner you want.

Gold Racket

Once you have made it to the varsity singles, go to the lake. you will find a kid swinging his racket, tell him he sitnks. Swing your racket 150 times in 10 seconds. You will get the gold racket.

Silver Racket

After you made it into varsity singles, go to the lake, you will find a kid swinging his racket. Tell the kid he stinks. swing your racket 100 times in 10 seconds to get the silver racket.


Press B while you walk and you'll run faster.

Game Reset

If you lose a game in RPG mode, pause the game immediately before the score appears. Save the game, quit, then resume the game you were just playing. The game (not match or set) will be reset.

More Mini-Games

Unlock the Nintendo 64 characters, then check the mini-game screen. More entries should be available. To unlock even more mini-games, win the Junior, Senior, Varsity, and Traveling Leagues in Singles and Doubles.

Silver and Gold Rackets

Make sure you have the Iron Racket equipped, then go to the training courts. Go up to the lake and follow it until you see a boy practicing his swing. Tell him you do not like it and you will show him your swing. He will laugh, and you will get angry. Next, get ready to swing. In ten seconds, press A as many times as possible. If you press it 100 times, you will get the Silver Racket. If you swing it 150 times you will get the Gold Racket. Note: Try wrapping your hand in your shirt and rub it over A until it ends. You should be able to get either racket this way.

Nintendo 64 Characters

Use the Transfer Pak with the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Tennis. Select "Transfer" at the main menu, then select "Game Pak Check". After it checks, an icon that says "Transfer N64 Characters" will appear. This will allow you to play as Bowser, Waluigi, Wario, and Yoshi.

Play as Peach

Successfully complete the game in Doubles.

Play as Mario

Successfully complete the game in Singles.

Play as Students

Defeat the students you face in the Junior, Senior, Varsity, and Traveling Leagues to unlock them at the character selection screen.

Star Court

Play Mario's Boo Blast mini-game, complete levels 1 and 2, and beat the high score to unlock the Star Court

Jungle Court

Play Donkey Kong's Banana Bunch mini-game and win both levels. When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60 to unlock the Jungle Court in linked play and exhibition modes.

Tropics Court

Play Baby Mario's Target Shot mini-game and win both levels. When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60 to unlock the Tropics Court in linked play and exhibition modes.

Castle Court

Play Luigi's Shooting Star mini-game and win both levels. When you get to the third level, beat the high score of 60 to unlock the Castle Court in linked play and exhibition modes.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


FAQ / Guide

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