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In Mario Tennis Open, Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return to the court for a flurry of intense tennis action, from engaging singles and doubles matches to skill-building minigames and online play. Using the built-in wireless features of the Nintendo 3DS system, up to four people can play together in local* or online** multiplayer modes and exchange player information via StreetPass. Players can choose between intuitive Touch Screen and gyro sensor controls or strategic button-based gameplay that delivers an even deeper experience. Players can also choose from a variety of playable characters or use their own personalized Mii character as they serve, volley and smash their way up the leaderboards.

Mario Tennis Open is a Sports/Tennis video game for Nintendo 3DS developed by Camelot and published by Nintendo on May 21, 2012. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 5 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Big Out Ball for Galaxy Rally

To find this funny trick, go to GALAXY RALLY and serve then when luna [star shaped character] returns the ball go to the back and when the ball comes to you press the R button [only] and luna will [might] go to the front and returns the ball going all the way out the tennis court making a BIG OUT!




Courts, Difficulty Levels, And Tournament Unlocks

  • Galaxy Arena Crystal Court : Complete the Final Cup in the Star Open tournaments.
  • Galaxy Arena Morph Court : Complete the Final Cup in the Star Open tournaments.
  • Ace difficulty : Beat the Final Cup tournament.
  • Pro difficulty : Beat the Champions Cup tournament
  • 1-Up Mushroom Cup : Beat all four cups of the World Open.
  • Banana Cup : Beat the Flower Cup tournament.
  • Champions Cup : Beat the Banana Cup tournament.
  • Final Cup : Beat the Shell Cup tournament.
  • Flower Cup : Beat the Mushroom Cup tournament.
  • Ice Flower Cup : Beat the 1-Up Mushroom Cup tournament.
  • Shell Cup : Beat the Ice Flower Cup tournament.
  • Costumes

  • Bee Mario Costume : Turn 8 Mario characters into star characters
  • Birdo Costume : Beat an Ace opponent in a singles Exhibition match
  • Boo Costume : Buy 100 different items in the item shop
  • Bowser Costume : Earn 50 Victory Medals from Online Multiplayer Open Matches
  • Bowser Jr Costume : Earn 20 Victory Medals from Online Multiplayer Open Matches
  • Cloud Mario Costume : Turn 10 Mario characters into star characters
  • Daisy Costume : Collect 700 ring points in Ring Shot Callenge with another player
  • Diddy Kong Costume : Meet 20 Mii characters via Streetpass
  • Donkey Kong Costume : Meet 50 Mii characters via Streetpass
  • Dry Bowser Costume : Earn 100 Victory Medals from Online Multiplayer Open Matches
  • Fire Mario : Turn 2 characters into star characters.
  • Goomba Costume : Add 100 items to the item-shop shelves
  • Koopa Troopa Costume : Win 10 consecutive StreetPass matches.
  • Luigi Costume : Beat the Star Final Cup Tournament in Doubles
  • Luma : Collect 1500 coins in the Galaxy Rally Challenge Special Game..
  • Mario Costume : Beat the Star Final Cup Tournament in Singles
  • Peach Costume : Collect 800 ring points in Ring Shot Callenge
  • Petey Piranha Costume : Reach 50 returns in the Ink Showdown Challenge
  • Propeller Mario : Turn 5 characters into star characters.
  • Tanooki Mario Costume : Turn 15 Mario characters into star characters
  • Toad Costume : Reach a total of 50000 coins
  • Waluigi Costume : Collect 800 Coins in Super Mario Tennis level 2-4
  • Wario Costume : Collect 800 Coins in Super Mario Tennis level 1-4
  • Wiggler Costume : Earn a total of 5000 points in Online Multiplayer Open matches
  • Yoshi Costume : Use QR Code from official Nintendo website
  • Unlockable Characters

  • Baby Mario : Complete 1-3 in the Super Mario Tennis Special Game.
  • Baby Peach : Complete the Pro Rings level of the Ring Shot Special Game.
  • Dry Bowser : Complete the Inksplosion level of the Ink Showdown Special Game.
  • Luma : Complete the Superstar level of the Galaxy Rally Special Game.
  • Unlock The Star Characters

    If you win the Champion's Cup, you unlock the Star version of that character.


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    FAQ And Guide

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