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The famous longtime rivalry between a plumber and a gorilla heats up in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. This action-packed puzzle game, perfect for the portability of the Game Boy Advance, features new Mario moves and six big worlds with multiple levels. Donkey Kong and Mario fans will enjoy seeing their favorite characters from the Mario universe such as Piranha Plants and Bob-ombs but will be challenged by levels and new puzzles.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is an Action/Adventure video game for Game Boy Advance developed and published by Nintendo on May 26, 2004. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 18 of our users have voted it 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Mario vs. Donkey Kong were added February 1, 2008.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Unlock Movie 6

Get to the boss of the World Plus

Unlock Movie 5

Start World Plus

Unlock Plus Worlds And Expert Levels

After beating the 1st 6 worlds, and the end Donkey Kong boss, you'll unlock 6 new Plus Worlds. You will also unlock the option to choose Expert at the main menu. Each require a different number of Stars (that you achieve by getting high scores in the normal/PLUS game) to play.

Unlock Movies 7 And 8

Beat the boss of World Plus

Unlock Movies 1 And 2

Start a new game

Unlock Movie 4

Beat the boss of the first world

Unlock Movie 3

Get to the boss of the first world

Stuck In Level In Level 4-3 Glitch

When you go to the second half, go to the right of the screen. Get on the spring and jump to the right. You will jump out of the screen and cannot get out unless you restart the level.

Avoid Losing Lives

When you are about to die, turn off the Game Boy Advance.


Run into fruit on vines. The fruit will fall and will kill the enemies in its path.

Mario's Food Dreams

When you get a game over on a World, allow the game to idle for a few minutes. After awhile, Mario will fall asleep and mutter his favorite foods, such as ravioli, pasta, and others.

Completion Bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock Expert Mode and Plus Mode. Unlock the door to get Mini Mario. Also, when you collect all the presents and complete a level, you can play an extra game. There are two games in all, and are selected randomly.


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