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For Max Payne, the tragedies that took his loved ones years ago are wounds that refuse to heal. No longer a cop, close to washed up and addicted to pain killers, Max takes a job in Sao Paulo, Brazil, protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco, in an effort to finally escape his troubled past. But as events spiral out of his control, Max Payne finds himself alone on the streets of an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for the truth and fighting for a way out. Featuring cutting edge shooting mechanics for precision gunplay, advanced new Bullet Time and Shootdodge effects, full integration of Natural Motion's Euphoria Character Behavior system for lifelike movement and a dark and twisted story, Max Payne 3 is a seamless, highly detailed, cinematic experience from Rockstar Games. A feature debuting in Max Payne 3 and carrying over to Grand Theft Auto V and future appropriate titles is Crews, which go beyond traditional online clans by allowing players to join large public Crews or simply create a private Crew that members can customize. In this way, Crews help players keep the fight alive from match to match - and even across titles - through the Rockstar Games Social Club, which will keep track of Crew stats, including Feuds.

Max Payne 3 is a Shooter/Platform Shooter video game for PC developed by Rockstar and published by Rockstar Games on May 29, 2012. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Max Payne 3 were added July 13, 2012. We also have the game available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, in addition to PC.




Cheats You Can Unlock

After you unlock the cheats below, you can access them through the Chapter Select menu. The down side, is that once you enter the cheat, your accomplishment tracking is disabled. But that's not a huge deal.

  • Bullet Cam on Every Kill : Find all clues
  • One-Hit Kills : Complete the storyline on Hardcore with the free-aim control modifier on
  • Unlimited Ammo : Find all of the Golden Gun parts
  • Unlimited Bullet Time : Get at least a 'Gold' rating on all Score Attack arcade chapters
  • Unlimited Painkillers : Complete the storyline on Hard



    Unlockable Arcade Outfits

  • 15 of Max's outfits from the game's storyline : Complete the game on Easy difficulty or greater
  • Advanced Max : Complete the game on Old School difficulty
  • Classic Max(Max Payne 2), Old School Max (Max Payne 1) : Complete the game on Medium difficulty or greater
  • Unlockable Game Difficulties

    These will be available to you once you meet the requirements. Old School has you completing the game without 'Last Stand', painkillers will heal you less, but you receive more bullet time for wounding/killing enemies. Hardcore is similar to the Hard difficulty, but painkillers are less frequently found, and enemy AI is ruthless, and you take more damage easily. New York Minute Hardcore has you completing the game with a set time of 60 minutes in one sitting. Killing enemies will earn you extra time. If you die at any time during the game, you restart at the very beginning of the game.

  • Hardcore difficulty : Complete the game on Hard difficulty
  • New York Minute Hardcore : Complete all chapters of the New York Minute arcade mode
  • Old School difficulty : Complete the game on Hard difficulty
  • Local Justice DLC Achievements

  • Air Ace (25) : Get 2 kills in a single Shootdodge in the Departure Lounge
  • Express Checkout (25) : Kill 4 players within 3 seconds in the Imperial Palace
  • Keep Your Nose Clean (25) : Get 100 Kills as a member of the SPP
  • Long Arm of the Law (25) : Win 20 Vendettas in the 55th Battalion HQ
  • M4 Murder (25) : Level up your M4 all the way to level 10
  • Steam Achievements

  • A Few Hundred Bullets Back : Use Every Weapon In The Game
  • A License To Kill : Collect All Golden Guns
  • A New York Minute : Finish In A New York Minute
  • All Of The Above : Finish All Single Player Grinds
  • Along For The Ride : Trigger A Bullet Cam On The Zipline [FREE AIM]
  • Amidst The Wreckage : Destroy All The Models In The Boardroom
  • An Echo Of The Past : Find All Clues
  • Colder Than The Devil's Heart : Kill 30 Enemies In 2 Minutes
  • Dearest Of All My Friends : Kill Someone On Your Friends List
  • Deathmatch Challenge : Winner In Any Public Deathmatch
  • Feel The Payne : Story Complete [MEDIUM]
  • Full Monty : Complete One Of Each Game Mode Including All Gang Wars
  • Grave Robber : Looted A Body
  • It Was Chaos And Luck : Get 6 Kills While Riding The Push Cart [FREE AIM]
  • It's Fear That Gives Men Wings : 10 Bullet TimeĀ® Kills In A Row
  • Man Of Many Faces : Unlock All Faction Characters
  • Man Of Many Weapons : Unlock All Weapons
  • Max Payne Invitational : Invite someone to play through the in-game contact list
  • Maximum Payne : Story Complete [OLD SCHOOL]
  • One Bullet At A Time : 300 Headshots
  • Out The Window : Get 6 Kills While Diving Through The VIP Window [FREE AIM]
  • Part I Complete : Complete Part I Of The Story
  • Part II Complete : Complete Part II Of The Story
  • Part III Complete : Complete Part III Of The Story
  • Past The Point Of No Return : Take 100 Painkillers
  • Payne Bringer : Kill 100 Other Players
  • Payne In The Ass : Story Complete [HARDCORE]
  • Serious Payne : Story Complete [HARD]
  • So Much For Being Subtle : Get 9 Kills While Being Pulled By A Chain [FREE AIM]
  • Something Wicked This Way Comes : Get 7 Kills While Jumping From The Rickety Boat [FREE AIM]
  • Sometimes You Get Lucky : Get A Headshot During The Rooftop Tremors
  • Sure Know How To Pick A Place : Discover All Tourist Locations
  • Sweep : Flawless Team Gang Wars Victory
  • That Old Familiar Feeling : Clear The Hallway Of Lasers
  • The Fear Of Losing It : Survive A Level Without Painkillers
  • The Gambler : Won A Wager
  • The One Eyed Man Is King : Cover Passos With Perfect Aim
  • The Only Choice Given : Get 8 Kills While Dangling From A Chain [FREE AIM]
  • The Road-Kill Behind Me : Total Everything On The Runway
  • The Shadows Rushed Me : Unlock And Complete New York Minute Hardcore
  • Training Complete : Achieve Level Rank 50
  • Trouble Had Come To Me : Clear Everyone On The Bus Ride
  • With Practiced Bravado : 100 Kills During Shootdodge
  • You Might Hurt Someone With That : Shoot 10 Airborne Grenades
  • You Play, You Pay, You Bastard : 100 Kills With Melee
  • You Push A Man Too Far : Don't Shoot The Dis-Armed Man

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