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In the 31st century, there is no mercy. Join the Inner Sphere's strike team as they prepare for the annihilation of the deadly Smoke Clan Jaguar. You'll have over 30 missions, 18 fully customizable 'Mechs to climb into, and enough firepower to flatten a mountain range. There's also an all-new target acquisition system and more battle environments than ever before. But watch your back--this fight is for survival.

Mechwarrior 3 is an Action/Adventure video game for PC published by Microprose. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 8 of our users have voted it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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To make practically the best firepower Mech, first pull out a Daishi. Next, equip it with an Ultra AC 20. After that, make the engine rating as low as possible, which will give you more space. Equip it with a couple of ER PPC Sub- cannons. Then give it a bunch double heat sinks. And finally, with any space left over give it as many ER Large Lasers as possible, and if there is still space left over, give it a huge bunch of MGuns, since they are cheap and good in swarms

Snipe With ER PPC.

To Snipe with an ER PPC, equip 3 ER PPC's to your Mech, 1 targeting computer, and use no clan things as weapons. (This makes the weapon less accurate)Target an enemy's head, turn on the zoom, and clip away at his head! You should equip as many heat sinks as possible because ER PPC's generate alot of heat.

Better Mechs

For easier time killing opponents, try to get 3 Ultra AC 20's, this will knock down opponents in one shot, but make sure you fire them in group fire, otherwise it will not knock them down in one shot, this works on even Daishi's, the best mech to use with this varient is a Thor, with 3 Ultra AC 20's, 4 Jump Jet (clan), and as many heat sinks as you can fit, try to stick with Clan Fero-fibris armor.

Easy Head Shots

Salvage a "Clan Targeting Computer" and equip it on your mech. Then target a mech's head and fire a large pulse for a one hit head shot kill.

Easy Salvage

Blow the legs off a mech, rather then the torso. Or, better yet, use a head shot.


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