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Medal of Honor Vanguard is the latest video game from EA's acclaimed Medal of HonorTM franchise, credited with pioneering the WWII first-person shooter genre after its debut in 1999. Join the ranks of the elite 82nd Airborne Division as Corporal Frank Keegan in Medal of Honor Vanguard. From Operation Husky on the shores of Sicily to your Operation Varsity airdrop inside Nazi Germany, you'll jump behind enemy lines to fight the epic WWII battles that turned America's first paratroopers into heroes of WWII. Choose from a variety of authentic, upgradeable weapons at your disposal, each with distinct characteristics. Featuring spectacular graphics and all-out combat intensity, Medal of Honor Vanguard makes you the driving force in the struggle to liberate Europe.

Medal of Honor: Vanguard is a Shooter/First-Person Shooter video game for PlayStation 2 developed and published by Electronic Arts on March 28, 2007. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 146 of our users have voted it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Medal of Honor: Vanguard were added January 12, 2012. We also have the game available on Wii, in addition to PS2.




Cheat Mode

Press start during game play. Then press up, down, up, down. The message “Enter cheat code” will appear at the top left. Then enter a cheat code.

Extra Armor

Enable cheat mode, then press Right, Left, Right, Down, Up, Right at the cheat code prompt.


Up, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Sniper Rifle In Last Level

In the last level of Medal Of Honor: Vanguard, (if you don't die) you will enter a tunnel and have to kill lots of enemies. Whenever you get to a bunkhouse type room there should be two enemies on there. The tunnel keeps going past that so if you go in the next room, on the other side of a bed, there is a scope upgrade for the M1 Garand rifle. THIS SCOPE WILL REALLY HELP YOU AFTER YOU WORK YOUR WAY THROUGH THE TUNNEL!

Level 6 Weapon Upgrade

Parachute into western tower (the one w/ green smoke) look on top floor for upgrade.

A Cooler Thompson

The first level where the green smoke is after you kill the guy somewhere near him is a Upgrade for the Thompson. NOTE: That upgrade gives you less ammo so I'd use it for special or hard places. Otherwise I'd use my M1 Garand.

Cooking Grenades

Are you tired of throwing a grenade and it takes forever before it blows up? Well try cooking the grenade. First equip your grenade and then tap x your person will cook the grenade. Then wait a few seconds then trow the grenade and it will explode sooner. But be careful if you hold the grenade too long it will explode in your hands. If in multiplayer and it explodes in your hand it will kill you, if in single player and it explodes in your hand it will only hurt really badly.

Scoped M1 Garand

This can be found in two places one in the 1st market garden mission - when you parachute fly into the mill and look for the upgrade and the mission before the crucible search the water on the far left corner and there you go now go shoot off some heads!


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