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Another in the Total War franchise, Medieval II spans four and half centuries of the most turbulent and bloody era of Western history. Improved combat choreography, larger armies, quicker pace, and spectacular finishing moves make this the most visceral and exciting Total War ever; The ambitious single player campaign will span three continents and let players sail across to the Americas to confront the Aztecs on their home soil; An enhanced user interface and an improved multiplayer mode make the Total War experience faster and easier to enjoy than ever before; An advanced terrain system, enhanced weather effects, and more will help you divide and conquer.

Medieval II: Total War is a Strategy/Action Strategy video game for PC developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega on November 13, 2006. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Give_Ancillary Cheat Code Options

To give ancillaries to Generals, use the "give_ancillary this" cheat code, followed by one of the following to give the associated effect:

apothecary  	Have more kids.
bard 	Adds Morale, Popularity
drillmaster 	+25% movement, unit recruitment discounted
brilliant_inventor 	+30 build points, +1 farming, 20% bonus on mining income
doctor 	Have more kids, improves casualty recovery chance.
scribe_ancillary 	Adds Authority, Income Bonuses
mentor 	Increases Command
foodtaster 	Increases Personal Security
tutor 	Increases Piety, Trade Income
bodyguard 	Increases Peraonal Security, Decreases Popularity
swordbearer 	Increases Hit Points, Personal Security
shieldbearer 	Increases Hit Points, Lowers Morale
For Apies and Assassins, use the following options:
dancer  	+2 to agent's skill
catamite 	+1 to agent's skill
courtesan 	+1 to agent's skill
pickpocket 	+1 to agent's skill
GoodSpy 5 	TRAIT +1-5 to spy's skill
GoodAssassin 5 	TRAIT +1-5 to assassin's skill
GoodSaboteur 3 	TRAIT +1-3 to assassin's saboteur skill

Console Cheat Codes

Enter the console (press ~) and type the following to get corresponding effect:

GoodCommander 5  	Increases command skill.
GoodInfantryGeneral 1 	Increases command skill (situational)
GoodCavalryGeneral 1 	Increases command skill (situational)
GoodAmbusher 5 	Increases command skill (situational)
GoodAttacker 5 	Increases command skill (situational)
GoodDefender 5 	Increases command skill (situational)
GoodAdministrator 3 	Increased Law, Trade Income
Intelligent 3 	Increased Command, Income
VictorVirtue 3 	Increases Chivalry
PublicFaith 4 	Increases Piety
BattleChivalry 5 	Increases Chivalry
NaturalMilitarySkill 3 	Increases Command
Energetic 3 	Increases Movement Points
HaleAndHearty 3 	More kids, increased general's hitpoints
PoliticsSkill 3 	- loyalty, + authority
MathematicsSkill 3 	Increased Income
FathersLegacy 3 	Increases Authority
GoodTrader 3 	Increased Trade Income
GoodMiner 3 	Increased Mining Income
HighPersonalSecurity 3 	Increases Peraonal Security
BattleDread 4 	Increases Dread
Loyal 3 	+Chivalry,Loyalty
Brave 3 	+morale

Add Units

You can add units to stacks by picking the stck, then entering the console and typing the following:

george  	adds Mercenary Monster Ribault
houston 	adds Mercenary Rocket Launcher
istanbul 	adds Mercenary Monster Bombard
madras 	adds Elephants
rogan 	adds Elephant Artillery
vindaloo 	adds Elephant Rocketeer

Create Any Unit

Enter the console (~) and enter:
create_unit "settlement/character" "unit ID" "amount (1-5)" "experience (1-9)" "armor (1-3)" "weapon (1-3)"

Toggle Fog Of War

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: toggle_fow
NOTE! These are case-sensitive - include capital letters if things have them!

Automatic Win

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: auto_win "attacker/defender"
Type that in and hit the auto-retaliate button to automatically win!
NOTE! These are case-sensitive - include capital letters if things have them!

Add More Money

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: add_money "amount"
Where "amount" is how much gold.
NOTE! These are case-sensitive - include capital letters if things have them!

Build It Now!

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: process_cq "settlement name"
Where the settlement name is the name of the settlement. It builds anything in the settlement's build queue fast.
NOTE! These are case-sensitive - include capital letters if settlement has them!

Give Traits

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: give_trait this "trait" "level number"
NOTE! These are case-sensitive - include capital letters if things have them!

Add Population

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: add_population "settlement name" "amount"
NOTE! These are case-sensitive - include capital letters if things have them!

Move Character Anywhere

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: move_character "settlement" x,y
x and y are the coordinates.
NOTE! These are case-sensitive - include capital letters if things have them!

Show Coordinates (get X,y)

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: show_cursorstat
You can use this for the "Move Character Anywhere" cheat code.

Reset A Character

Press "~" (tilde) and enter: character_reset
This doesn't always work, but should allow characters to move again.


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