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This action-RPG takes players on a succession of battles as Lan and Mega Man continue their quest to rid the net of viruses. Two new versions Red Sun and Blue Moon; new "soul unison" system transforms mega man's abilities; trade programs, battle chips & have network battles with a game link cable.

Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Red Sun is a Role-Playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG video game for Game Boy Advance published by Capcom on June 30, 2004. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 16 of our users have voted it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs



First buy cannon a, b, and c. Then put them in your folder and in battle select them in a, b, c order. Finally in battle you'll get Gigcannon that does 300 damage.

Red Sun Version 1-3

In this game you'll play through the original storyline until you beat the game. Along the way you'll attain Guts soul,Wind soul, and Search soul. after you beat "duo", you'll have to go through the normal aftermath, and result of all your hard work. After that you'll go back to the main menu, you'll have the options, "New Game", or "Continue2". You'll take "Continue2", but then you'll have to play through the game again. But you will experiance a "Blue Moon" event, plus you will gain another soul, Tortch soul. Beat the game again and you'll experiance another "BM" event and get Roll soul. Beat the game for the third time and you will get Thunder soul, and gain access to "Undernet6", and new chips and programs from dealers in "Undernet6". This is a time consuming thing, but trust a Megaman's worth it!

Lotto Numbers

77038416 - Airhocky 3 V
25435428 - Beat(ncblock)
68009092 - Wideshot 3 T
03696858 - VariableSword 3 T 
02368995 - untrap
14769745 - untrap
43494372 - Bodypack(ncblock)
05178924 - Busterpack(ncblock)
94872322 - unlocker
00274304 - unlocker
10170506 - Tango(ncblock)
89866302 - Sneakrun
24247309 - Sneakrun
88019791 - Twinfang 3 G
19095677 - Colorpoint
75420107 - Custom 2(ncblock)
46292983 - Flameline 1 G
57604335 - Flameline 3 J
59891137 - Full Energy
84625799 - Full Energy 
30873642 - HP+300(ncblock)
97618739 - HP+500(ncblock)
32108251 - Snake R
66703422 - Recover 300 J
73298100 - Rush(ncblock)
27979609 - Lock Enemy
37198940 - Lock Enemy
02109544 - Mega Folder 2(ncblock)
16589650 - Mini Energy
45798331 - Mini Energy
74293099- GunDelSol EX

Easy Dark Soul Chips

To get easy Dark Soul chips Simply enter Black Earth 1 and access the Mystery Datas.

Black Earth

To get to Black earth you need 5 special chip Muramasa M, Black Wing W, Anubis A, Bug Charge/Curse of Bug, Element dark.


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Megaman Battle Network 4 - Red Sun

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Chip Numbers

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Megaman Battle Network 4 Red Sun and Blue Moon Walkthrough

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