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Mob Rule is a totally original game that blends together the excitement and drama of real-time-strategy games with the brain-burn of the best exploration, construction and management sims. All this, and it manages not to take itself too seriously. Begin by establishing some building resources then construct some shady businesses to bring in money and to expand your family of workers and gangsters. As you progress through the game, new characters will become available, like the infamous Undesirables, who, for a price, will carry out your wildest desires of violence and mayhem.

Mob Rule: Platinum Edition is a Strategy/Action Strategy video game for PC developed by Studio 3 and published by MacMillan Publishing. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Mob Rule: Platinum Edition were added May 3, 2002.




Allow Purchase Of All Houses


Cheat Codes

At the team color selection screen, type one of the following codes and press [Enter]. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Enter any other desired codes, then start the game. Press C during the game to toggle the selected cheat(s).


Buy any gangster weapon			weapons563
Buy workers at any time			worker928
Buy any estate without limits		estates216
Borrow any amount of money from bank	loans458
Select any tenant at any time		tenants872
Pick up enemy beacons			pickup036
Faster network game			speed364


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Hints For Mob Rule

Fixers are very important, to ensure your buildings don't burn down, you can acctually set the so that they auto repair, simply place them on the block's side walk you want the to auto- repair, and hit auto-repair they will walk around the block constantly and repairing all buildings. Police beacons are very important, you can choose where you want police protection, to protect you from various things like, thugs, sabotures, and some gangsters. Loans are BAAAAD! If you can avoid getting loans, DO IT! When you get loans, you probably are still losing cash, and not only that but they charge you $50 for each &5000 you borrow and you can only borrow in $5000 incriments, $50 might not seem like alot but when you needed a loan in the first place, and trust me $50 a moth adds up!


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