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Monoploy Tycoon is a Simulation/Business Sim video game for PC published by Infogrames. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 6 of our users have voted it 3.7 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Monoploy Tycoon were added January 23, 2003.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Win All Auctions

This technique allows you to win any auction against the CPU. Start an auction, and save the game immediately after the auction screen appears. Then quit the game and reload your saved game. Nearly every time, the CPU players will pull out of the auction, which will allow you to buy the property at the cheapest price. If the CPU does not pull out of the auction, just reload the game and try again.

Building Hints

If you want to construct a building, it is better to build the night time buildings in the day time and the day time at night. It is cheaper to do so this way.

Unlock All Scenario's

To unlock all the scenarios, play the first game & build on Pacific Avenue the following: theater, bar, restaurant, bakery, apartment & clothes store. Build each of these buildings as tall as u can with a medium quality (it doesn't matter how much surface area u make them). U must do this before the second time period around. Then save & quit the game. When u restart the game, u should have all the scenario's unlocked budget will read 100,000,000.00, but it will never decrease (unlimited budget)

Megapolitan Bonus Scenario

Finish all scenarios with any character. After the ending sequence, you'll be given a new scenario to build a Megapolitan. You'll have $200,000.00 to build it, with no rival - leaving you free to build your own city.


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