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In Murdered: Soul Suspect players take control of Ronan O'Connor, a detective with a bumpy history who had the very recent misfortune of being murdered. Stuck in a state of limbo, O'Connor must use his newly acquired supernatural abilities to explore the historic city of Salem, MA, on the hunt for his killer. Ronan can no longer interact with most objects in the physical world, but he has the ability to pass through interior walls, and he can possess living people to see through their eyes, listen to what they hear, or influence their thinking to read their minds. When examining crime scenes and interacting with clues, gamers are presented with a series of words or phrases that they must select in the proper order to unlock plot-illuminating cutscenes. Exploration and investigation are only part of the gameplay in Murdered: Soul Suspect, however, as players must also do battle with a variety of powerful demons that want to devour Ronan's soul. Gamers can also learn more about the supernatural history of Salem and the limbo-like "Dusk" in which they now reside by taking on side quests for other people stuck in limbo, or by tracking down various collectibles

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an Adventure/Mystery Adventure video game for PC developed by Airtight Games and published by Square Enix USA on June 3, 2014. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Murdered: Soul Suspect were added June 8, 2014. We also have the game available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, in addition to PC.




Steam Achievements

  • A Watery Grave : Uncovered the Watery Grave ghost story
  • Amnesia : Helped Julie find peace
  • Ashes to Ashes : Uncovered the Ashes to Ashes ghost story
  • Ashland : Discovered what happened to Sophia
  • Baxter's Story : Learned about Baxter's Life
  • Carnage : Helped Brad find peace
  • Cassandra's Story : Learned about Cassandra's Life
  • Codex : Discovered the meaning of the supernatural graffiti
  • Collector 1 : Collected an artifact
  • Collector 10 : Collected 10 artifacts
  • Collector 100 : Collected 100 artifacts
  • Collector 150 : Collected 150 artifacts
  • Collector 25 : Collected 25 artifacts
  • Collector 50 : Collected 50 artifacts
  • Collector 75 : Collected 75 artifacts
  • Collector All : Collected all of the artifacts
  • Discover Remove : Used Remove for the first time
  • Discover Reveal : Used Reveal for the first time
  • Eternal Flame : Uncovered the Eternal Flame ghost story
  • Exorcist : Defeated a demon
  • Ghosts Never Die : Investigated the murder of Iris
  • Half-Truths and Whole Lies : Helped the witness escape the police station and gained an ally
  • Interrogator : Interrogated a ghost for the first time
  • Investigator : Completed the first investigation
  • Judgement : Discovered the Bell Killer's secrets
  • Julia's Story : Learned about Julia's Life
  • Lost Causes : Learned the fate of Rose and helped Iris escape the asylum
  • Makeshift Sanctuary : Found the witness and learned what she knew
  • Man in the Box : Uncovered the Man in the Box ghost story
  • Mindreader : Used Mind Read for the first time
  • One of Us : Revisited the scene of your murder and discovered there was a witness
  • Poltergeist : Used Poltergeist for the first time
  • Possess the Cat : Possessed the cat
  • Rex's Story : Learned about Rex's Life
  • Ronan's Story : Learned about Ronan's Life
  • Salem's History : Discovered Salem's history
  • Scorned : Helped Katy find peace
  • Teleporter : Teleported for the first time
  • Terror on the Tracks : Uncovered The Terror on the Tracks ghost story
  • The Bell Killer's Story : Learned about the Bell Killer
  • The Bell Tower Banshee : Uncovered The Bell Tower Banshee ghost story
  • The Death Wish of a Shady Man : Became a ghost and met a strange ghost girl
  • The Heirloom : Uncovered The Heirloom ghost story
  • The Missing Body : Helped Ingrid find peace
  • The Stalwart Specter : Uncovered The Stalwart Specter ghost story
  • The Witch Trials : Discovered information about the witch trials
  • Tightening the Noose : Stopped Abigail and saved Rex and Joy
  • Wicked Tempers : Discovered links between the witch trials and the Bell Killer murders

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