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Clown your opponents with ankle-snapping moves and nasty dunks that show off your high-flying roundball skills. Rain sweet three s from way beyond the arc, dominate the post with your inside game, or fly high above the rim and slam it home with authority. With "off-the-backboard" passes and dizzying crossover dribbles, your opponent will be prayin for mercy as you pump up your power meter. Stop...Pop...Drop --Count it, baby! If you don t have game, then step off the court. Its not basketball. Its streetball with Soul.

NBA Street is a Sports/Basketball video game for GameCube developed by EA Sports and published by Electronic Arts on February 19, 2002. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 13 of our users have voted it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for NBA Street were added February 13, 2008. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, in addition to GameCube.




Dinner Served

Drive towards the hoop while holding L + R + Z. Once you're at the free throw line, press B to shoot. (Total Points: 7500)

Tiny Players

shoe shoe shoe turntable

NBA Street Codes

No Cheats - basketball, shoe, basketball, shoe 
Casual Uniforms - basketball, shoe, megaphone, megaphone 
Authentic Unforms - basketball,shoe, turntable, turntable 
Player Names - turntable, turntable, basketball, turntable 
No Auto Replays - turntable, turntable, turntable, turntable 
No HUD Display - turntable, turntable, shoe, turntable 
No Player Indicators - turntable, turntable, backboard, turntable 
Summertime Joe ''The Show'' - turntable,turntable,megaphone, thurntable 
Springtime Joe ''The Show'' - turntable, turntable, turntable, basketball 
Athletic Joe ''The Show'' - turntable, turntable, turntable, shoe 
No Shot Indicator - turntable, turntable, turntable, backboard 
Explosive Rims - turntable, turntable, turntable, megaphone 
ABA Ball - basketball, basketball, turntable, shoe 
WNBA Ball - basketball, basketball, shoe, backboard 
NuFX Ball - basketball, basketball, back board, megaphone 
EA BIG Ball - basketball, basketball, megaphone, turntable 
Beach Ball - basketball, basketball, turntable, turntable 
Medicine Ball - basketball, basketball, shoe, shoe 
Vollyball - basketball, basketball, backboard, backboard 
Soccer Ball - basketball, basketball, megaphone, megaphone 
Tiny Players - shoe, shoe, shoe, turntable 
Big Heads - shoe, shoe, shoe, backboard 
Tiny Heads - shoe, shoe, shoe, megaphone 
ABA Socks - shoe, shoe, shoe, shoe 
No Shot Clock - shoe, shoe, shoe, basketball 
Less Gamebreakers - shoe, turntable, turntable, basketball 
More Gamebreakers - shoe, backboard, backboard, basketball 
No Gamebreakers - shoe, megaphone, megaphone, basketball 
No Juice - turntable, backboard, backboard, basketball 
Unlimited Turbo - turntable, shoe, shoe, basketball 
Easy Distance Shots - basketball, backboard, backboard, basketball 
Harder DistanceSshots - basketball, turntable, turntable, basketball 
Mega Dunking - basketball, megaphone, megaphone, basketball 
Ultimate Power - turntable, shoe, backboard, basketball 
Mad Hands - shoe, backboard, turntable, basketball 
Super Swats - backboard, turntable, shoe, basketball 
Sicky Fingers - backboard, shoe, turntable, basketball 
Captain Quicks - shoe, turntable, backboard, basketball 
No Dunks - turntable, backboard, shoe, basketball 
Less Blocks - basketball, turntable, shoe, basketball 
Less Steals - basketball, shoe, backboard. basketball 
No Alley-Oops - basketball, backboard, turntable, basketball 
No 2-Pointers - basketball, turntable, backboard, basketball

Summer Joe

Go to the versus screen before starting a game and enter stereo,stereo,megaphone,stereo

Authentic Uniforms

Enter Basketball, Shoe, Turntable, Turntable as a code at the versus screen before a game.

Casual Uniforms

Enter Basketball, Shoe, Megaphone, Megaphone as a code at the versus screen before a game.

No Cheats

Enter Basketball, Shoe, Basketball, Shoe as a code at the versus screen before a game.

More Cheat Codes!

More Gamebreakers: Shoe, Backboard, Backboard, Ball
Unlimited Turbo: Stereo, Shoe, Shoe, Ball
Mega Dunking: Ball, Megaphone, Megaphone, Ball
Big Heads: Shoe, Shoe, Shoe, Backboard

Cheat Codes!

No Cheats: Ball, Shoe, Ball, Shoe Right
Player Names: Stereo, Stereo, Ball, Stereo Right
Explosive Rims: Stereo, Stereo, Stereo, Megaphone
ABA Ball: Ball, Ball, Stereo, Shoe Right
WNBA Ball: Ball, Ball, Shoe, Backboard Right


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Get 100 Player Creation Points

To get 100 Player Creation points, you need to have at least 500,000 trick points in a City Circuit game (not Hold the Court). This may seem impossible, but if you put in the following codes: NO SHOT CLOCK, MORE GAMEBREAKERS, and INFINITE TURBO, it should be easier than you think.

Unlock Special Court

Complete street school and special court will arrive at court selection if done correctly.

Easy 152,000 Points

At First I did this cheat and I had around 386,000 pts. then I had 510,000! Here is how to do it. First, have 20 points (if you are playing up to 21 pts.) and have your gamebreaker meter close to full. Then, once you have a gamebreaker do it make sure you're doing a dunk. You will have a combo for a busted rim and a gamebreaker. when I did it I got 152,000 pts!!!!

Easy Basket

To get an easy basket, pump fake, and the CPU should jump. While he is jumping, drive in for a dunk.

Stretch And Rucker Park Court

Play the City Circuit and reach the Region 2 City Challenge. Defeat Stretch's team to unlock him as a selectable player and the Rucker Park court.

Takashi And Yakatomni Plaza Court

Play the City Circuit and reach the Region 5 City Challenge. Defeat Takashi's team to unlock him as a selectable player and the Yakatomni Plaza court.

DJ And Venice Beach Court

Play the City Circuit and reach the Region 4 City Challenge. Defeat DJ's team to unlock him as a selectable player and the Venice Beach court.

Drake And The Yard Court

Play the City Circuit and reach the Region 3 City Challenge. Defeat Drake's team to unlock him as a selectable player and The Yard court.

Bonafide And Broad Street Court

Play the City Circuit and reach the Region 2 City Challenge. Defeat Bonafide's team to unlock him as a selectable player and the Broad Street court.

Biggs And Beacon Hill Court

Play the City Circuit and reach the Region 1 City Challenge. Defeat Biggs' team to unlock him as a selectable player and the Beacon Hill court.

EA Big Pacific Boulevard Court

Successfully complete all training sessions in street school mode to unlock the EA Big Pacific Boulevard court

Created Player Pieces

Successfully complete the hold the court challenges to unlock more pieces and development points for created players.

NBA Superstars

Play the City Challenge and defeat an NBA team to unlock a players from their roster.

Dream Team

Win hold the court mode to unlock a team that includes Graylien Alien, Magma Man, and Yeti Snowman.

Street Legends Team

Win the City Circuit tournament to unlock the Street Legends team. This team includes Biggs, Bonafide, Drake, DJ, Takashi, Stretch, and Michael Jordan.

NYC Legends Team

Get 30 wins in any mode to unlock the NYC Legends team.

3LW Team

Get 20 wins in any mode to unlock the 3LW team.

Big (SSX Snowboarders) Team

Get 10 wins in any mode to unlock the Big (SSX Snowboarders) team.


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