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Do you long for the days when hockey video games didn't require an engineering degree to master? 2K Sports has listened to the masses by bringing the fun back to hockey video games with an intuitive control scheme, hard-hitting action and by announcing the debut of NHL® 2K9 on the Wii console. Developed by award-winning Visual Concepts studios, NHL 2K9 brings a totally rebuilt NHL experience to life with a brand-new in-game presentation system, as well as fresh player animations and controls that you will enjoy from the moment you play your first game, until well after, as you become a seasoned veteran. New for Next-Gen consoles and further adding to an unmatched level of fun are an all-new Zamboni� mini-game, playoff beards, a new fighting engine and more! Complete with new commentary, a user-friendly franchise mode and upgraded online features, NHL 2K9 brings the fun back to your game console on 9.9.08!

NHL 2K9 (also known as 2k9 NHL) is a Sports/Hockey video game for Xbox 360 developed by 2K Sports and published by Take2 Interactive Software on September 8, 2008. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 14 of our users have voted it 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for NHL 2K9 were added July 2, 2009. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, in addition to Xbox 360.




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Achievement: Masterful Scorer (10)

Get Masterful Scorer by using the goalie deke special move.

Achievement: Wrap Around (5)

To get Wraparound, score on a wraparound goal.

Achievement: Ride The Zamboni (40)

To achieve Ride the Zamboni, you must win the Zamboni mini-game.

Achievement: Marty Turco (10)

To get the Marty Turco achievement, get a shutout with Turco in the net while facing at least 20 shots.

Achievement: Jason Spezza (10)

To get the Jason Spezza achievement, score 6 points with Spezza in a single game.

Achievement: Joe Thornton (10)

To get the Joe Thornton achievement, you must get 2 goals, 3 assists, and 4 PIMs with Thornton in a single game.

Achievement: Rick Nash (10)

To earn the Rick Nash Achievement, you must get at least 3 points and a shootout goal in a win with Nash.

Achievement: Undisputed Champs (45)

To earn the Undisputed Champions achievement, you must win the President's trophy and Stanley Cup in a single season.

Achievement: Reel Him In (15)

To get the Reel Him In achievement, you must re-sign a superstar to your team. The superstar must have 95+ overall.

Achievement: Lumberjack (15)

To get the Lumberjack achievement you must get a hat trick (3 goals) with a player that is fully bearded in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Achievement: Team 2k (20)

To get the Team 2k achievement, you must beat a Team 2k player or someone that has unlocked this same achievement in an online game.

Achievement: Good Teammate (20)

To get the Good Teammate achievement, you must average an A teammate grade.

Achievement: Alter Ego (20)

To get the Alter Ego achievement, you must customize your online Avatar.

Achievement: Critic (20)

To get the Critic achievement, you must download and rate a reel from ReelViewer.

Gamerscore: 15 Wins (10)

Achieve a total of 15 user wins.

Gamerscore: 50 Wins (20)

Achieve a total of 50 user wins.

Gamerscore: 100 Wins (40)

Achieve a total of 100 user wins.

Gamerscore: 150 Wins (100)

Achieve a total of 150 user wins.

Gamerscore: Powerplay Specialist (20)

To become a powerplay specialist, score three powerplay goals in a single game.

Gamerscore: Boom Goes Dynamite (10)

Achieve Boom Goes the Dynamite by scoring a goal from behind the blue line.

Gamerscore: Kill It (10)

Achieve Kill It by killing a full two minute 5 on 3 powerplay.

Gamerscore: Skilled Skater (10)

Become a Skilled Skater by scoring a goal after doing a 1-on-1 deke special move.

Gamerscore: 200 Assists (40)

Achieve a total of 200 user assists.

Gamerscore: 1500 Assists (100)

Achieve a total of 1500 user assists.

Gamerscore: 10 Pims (5)

Achieve a total of 10 Penalties In Minutes.

Gamerscore: 50 Pims (10)

Achieve a total of 50 Penalties In Minutes.

Gamerscore: 100 Pims (20)

Achieve a total of 100 Penalties In Minutes.

Gamerscore: 150 Pims (40)

Achieve a total of 150 Penalties In Minutes.

Gamerscore: 500 Pims (100)

Achieve a total of 500 Penalties In Minutes.

Gamerscore: 1 Win (5)

Achieve a total of 1 user win.

Gamerscore: 5 Goals (5)

Achieve a total of 5 user goals.

Gamerscore: 25 Goals (10)

Achieve a total of 25 user goals.

Gamerscore: 75 Goals (20)

Achieve a total of 75 user goals.

Gamerscore: 150 Goals (40)

Achieve a total of 150 user goals.

Gamerscore: 1000 Goals (100)

Achieve a total of 1000 user goals.

Gamerscore: 10 Assists (5)

Achieve a total of 10 user assists.

Gamerscore: 40 Assists (10)

Achieve a total of 40 user assists.

Gamerscore: 100 Assists (20)

Achieve a total of 100 user assists.


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