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The most devious plan ever created in a Nicktoons world is unfolding. Professor Calamitous has pulled together Plankton, Vlad, and Crocker to form a group known as The Evil Syndicate. The wicked foursome have begun to wreak havoc throughout Retroville, Amity Park, Dimmsdale, and Bikini Bottom in an attempt to take over the world. Not to be outsmarted, Jimmy Neutron calls upon his own band of Nicktoons. Jimmy, Timmy, Danny, and SpongeBob SquarePants combine their powers to take out The Evil Syndicate, along with the devastating Doomsday device. It's good versus evil where only one side will prevail.

Nicktoons Unite! is an Action/Comic Action video game for Game Boy Advance developed and published by THQ on October 27, 2005. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Nicktoons Unite! were added February 2, 2008. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, GameCube, Nintendo DS, in addition to GBA.




Level 2: Fenton Lab

Select continue and enter JAZMINE.

Level 3: Vlad's Chateau

Select continue and enter PAULINA.

Level 4: Bikini Bottom

Select continue and enter SKULKER.

Level 5: Chum Bucket

Select continue and enter PATRICK.

Level 6: Plankton

Select continue and enter MERMAID.

Level 7: Timmy's House

Select continue and enter SCALLOP.

Level 11: Subterranean Caves

Select continue and enter LIBERTY.

Level 10: Jimmy's Lab

Select continue and enter ESTEVES.

Level 9: Crocker's Locker

Select continue and enter GODDARD.

Level 8: Dimmsdale Dump

Select continue and enter BABYSIT.

Level 12: Professor Calamitous' Lab

Select continue and enter SKYLARK.


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