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In Nintendogs, you can raise up to three adorable puppies and play with them to your heart's content. Teach your pups new tricks: just speak into the system's microphone and they'll respond to the voice commands you've taught them, then use the DS touch screen to play with your puppy. There are even be modes in Nintendogs that support a wireless connection. The US version features the labrador retriever, miniature schnauzer, toy poodle, Pembroke Welsh corgi, miniature pinscher and shiba inu.

Nintendogs: Lab & Friends is a Simulation/Pets video game for Nintendo DS developed and published by Nintendo on August 23, 2005. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 114 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

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Clear All Memory

If you hold down A, B, X, Y, R, and L all at the same time at the start-up screen, you will clear all of your game data.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs



If you want to make the balloon bigger blow into your microphone. If you blow to much the balloon will get big and it might pop!

Twice The Money

In any competition have the yellow sponsor disk and the sponsor jacket to win twice the money.

Sweet Trainer Points

The easiest way to get the awesome trainer points everyone needs is to go brush your dog. Then over night or throughout the day keep the brush in the middle of the dogs belly. Make sure that you are also charging your Nintendo ds so you don't loose the power. Also you could do the same with washing your dog just leave the sponge in the middle of the dogs belly. Hope this helped!

How To Make Your Dog Do A Frontflip

First thing you have to do is take your dog to the park. Then, (only if you have these items) get out the UFO, Shower Cap, Pizza, life saver, or the Dartboard anyone is fine. Throw it when your dog jumps catches it it will do a frontflip in the air Note: this will also work in disc competitions.

Get Your Pet To Come To You

If your dog is not paying attention to you and you want to pet it just tap on the screen and it should come right to you.

Know What Is At The ? Mark On A Walk

When you take your dog for a walk, go over as many ?'s as you can. When you get up to one, your dog will stop and bark. Well, here is the key for it! One bark: A present, Two barks: A dog, Two barks and tail between legs: Dog that your pup hates.


Have your dog lay down, and then tell it to Beg. If done correctly, your dog should sit up and stand on its front legs! However, this may not work if your dog isn't well trained yet.

Record Rotation

When playing any record you can spin it clockwise and the needle will go towards the center and if you spin it counterclockwise the needle will go towards the edge. Note: While you are doing that, it makes a scratching noise and there is no music.

Get 60 Points In A Disc Competition

If you own or want to buy a Miniature Pinscher, Siberian Husky, Miniature Dachshund, Shiba Inu, Shi Tzu, Yorkshire Terrier, Boxer, or a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, these are all breeds of dogs that are fast enough to earn a 60-point disc competition. However, you have to train them so much that you don't have to call them over after they make a catch because that would take up time and they wouldn't be able to get 60 points. You also have to be quick on getting the disc from the dog, otherwise that would also take up time.

Practice Longer At The Park

When you are practicing for disc competition at the secluded park, your dog will most likely after a while get tired and sit down. When they do this, give them some water. After they drink the water, the will practice with you a little while longer. However, when they get tired again, you can't give them anymore water, so just leave.

Getting The Balloon

The balloon toy is only available at the discount shop when you are on a walk with your dog, and is only available at certain times. When you get this toy, be sure to buy a lot of them! For one, they are only $0.10, and two, you run out fast. To use one, blow into the microphone to inflate the balloon as big as you can without popping it, and touch it with your stylus and just watch your dogs play with it. It is funnier when it pops on them! Note: The balloon is never available at the Pet supply, only at the discount shop, and is not there every time you are on a walk

High Five

You can teach your dog to do a "high five" trick, and it's actually quite simple. You first call your dog over and when it sits down in front of you, gently grab his/her paw and lift it slowly as if you are doing the "shake hands" trick, but keep lifting its paw until your dog is literally standing up with its paw in the air! You will notice the light bulb sign appear and teach your dog to do a high five. Note: If your dog tends to be hasty, it may get mad at you.

Dog Treats

Nothing in the world says, "Good dog!" better than dog treats. It's a tasty reward.

Eating Bone And Lightbulb

When training your dog occasionally an outline of a bone will appear on the screen, you can feed this to your dog by dragging it to its mouth, you can do the same with the light bulbs that appear above your dogs head when your teaching them new tricks.

New Dogs At Park

These dogs are at the park at these times:

Logan - 12:00am (midnight) - around 4:00am
Nugget and Spot - around 5:00am - 6:00am
Try to see these dogs when you are at a sleepover and you are staying up all night!

Don't Have To Feed Dogs!

When you use the cheat to have the brush on overnight you won't have to feed your dogs for a while.

Feed Dog Light Bulb

When the light bulb appears above your dog, grab it and drag it to his/her mouth.

Unlimited Walks

Go for a walk and on the walk go to the park once there change the dogs accessories. Press back to save then turn the power of then turn the power back on again. Once you turned the power back on you can go for a walk again.

Winning Disc Competitions

If you are starting with a new dog and want to win a disc competition, you first train the dog. Go on a walk and make your path go through the park (make sure you have a disc from the shop previously). At the park, you should chuck the disc at your dog smoothly and straight, but not too slow or fast. After doing this 10 to 20 times and the dog has found the feeling of the disc, try the beginner competition under 'go out'. Drag the disc smoothly on the game and make the dog get it. If It jumps for the disc, you get extra bonus points. To make the dog come back, simply call its name (but that's rather tedious so tap the screen instead). When the dog returns, if it has cought the disc, pet it until it is happy to reward it. Carry on until you get the points you need or more before time runs out. If you get the points you need, you will get a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place trophy (but more importantly, money!). You will be moved up into a higher rank. If you don't get the points you need you will go down a rank or remain in the beginner rank. Carry on and you're sure to be a winner!

Yorkshire Terrier

Get 35,000 owner points to unlock the Yorkshire Terrier breed at the kennel. Get 14,000 owner points in the Japanese verison of the game.

Siberian Husky

Get 30,000 owner points to unlock the Siberian Husky breed at the kennel.


Get 8,000 owner points to unlock the Shih-Tzu breed at the kennel.

Shetland Sheepdog

Get 16,000 owner points to unlock the Shetland Sheepdog breed at the kennel


Get 2,000 owner points to unlock the Pug breed at the kennel. Get 25,000 owner points in the Japanese verison of the game.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Get 22,000 owner points to unlock the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel breed at the kennel. Get 4,000 owner points in the Japanese verison of the game.




Desktop Room

Earn 6000 Trainer points and the Desktop room will be available at the Interior Decorator.

Natural Dog Food Bag

Get 10,000 trainer points and the Natural dog food bag will be available at the pet supply for $5.00.

Jack Russel Terrier

Find the Jack Russel Book to unlock this breed at the kennel.

Golden Retriever

Get 20,000 owner points to unlock the Golden Retriever breed at the kennel

German Shepard

Get 4,000 owner points to unlock the German Shepard breed at the kennel. Get 8,000 owner points in the Japanese verison of the game.


Find the fireman's hat during a walk to unlock the Dalmatian breed at the kennel.


Get 45,000 owner points to unlock the Dachshund breed at the kennel. Alternately, play in Bark mode with someone who has Nintendogs: Dachshund And Friends, then have them bring a Dachshund for your dog to play with.


Get 10,000 owner points to unlock the Boxer breed at the kennel


Get 14,000 owner points to unlock the Beagle breed at the kennel. Get 17,000 owner points in the Japanese verison of the game.


Get 50,000 owner points to unlock the Chihuahua breed at the kennel. Alternately, play in Bark mode with someone who has Nintendogs: Chihuahua And Friends, then have them bring a Chihuahua for your dog to play with.


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Item Guide

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How to take care of your dog

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Nintendogs: Welcome!

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