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Taking place a few months after the events of Okami, Okamiden will follow the adventures of Chibiterasu - a young sun god who is summoned to protect the land. Following in the footsteps of Amaterasu, the sun-god-turned-wolf in Okami, Chibiterasu takes the form of an adorable wolf pup for the mission ahead. Chibiterasu will join forces with a rich cast of characters to fight off a new threat that has once more leeched the world of its vibrant colour. Beyond the battles, Chibiterasu and the partners you meet along the way will come to realize their inner potential and accept the kinship that comes with being the children of great heroes and gods. Using the DS stylus, players will wield the Celestial Brush controlled by Chibiterasu. This powerful tool can attack enemies, paint helpful objects and structures into existence, and help Chibiterasu perform exceptional feats that will change the world before the player's eyes. Chibiterasu's partners in the game will have unique abilities of their own that help the player conquer puzzles and face an onslaught of perilous challenges. By blending vivid myth, artistic action and the innovative Nintendo DS, Okamiden has all the makings of a handheld classic. Okamiden takes the best elements of the Okami series and combines them with invigorating new features delivering an extraordinary adventure sure to please fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Okamiden is an Action/2D Action video game for Nintendo DS developed and published by Capcom on March 10, 2011. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Moon's Legacy

Complete the Treasure Tome

Painter's Legend (ishaku's Armor)

To unlock, complete the "Bestiary"

Dark Sun (dark Chibi)

To unlock, beat the game.

Karmic Returner (original Amaterasu)

To unlock, beat the game.

First Sunrise (chibi Shiranui)

To unlock, complete everything.

Unlock New Game+

Complete the full story, then save your game when prompted. Select "Continue" on the title screen to begin a new game and you will start the game with all the health and ink pots earned in the previous save. You'll also have the bonus items you earned.


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Okamiden Boss Guide

Last updated: January 11, 2012 by Ryo 0hki

Missable Items List

Last updated: January 11, 2012 by argentscarf

FAQ And Walkthrough

Last updated: January 11, 2012 by argentscarf


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