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When an accident scatters stickers across the land, Mario sets off on an adventure to repair a torn world. Searching Forests, Deserts and Mountains, Mario collects stickers to solve puzzles and battle monsters. In a first for the series, there are no experience points, so finding power-ups to improve Mario's abilities is more important than ever. Mixing sticker-based gameplay elements with the traditional action-battle system of the Paper Mario series delivers a new twist on a classic franchise. Flatten-out characters, roll out towns, and walk through living, breathing dioramas in a brand-new Paper Mario adventure on Nintendo 3DS!

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is an Adventure/Action video game for Nintendo 3DS developed by Intellegent Systems and published by Nintendo on November 11, 2012. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 5 of our users have voted it 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Walk Through Snowballs & Enemies (4-1)

After melting the snow with the radiator, go through the doorway that has appeared. The Snow Spike will toss snowballs at Mario. Go up the ramp. Try to make the Snow Spike throw a snowball that hits Mario and another snowball after that. After Mario gets out of the first snowball, the snowball after that should hit Mario a split second before the Shiny Goomba attacks Mario. Run or fight the Goomba. When the battle is done, the second snowball should go right through Mario. Mario can walk through the snowballs and enemies in the area. This will wear off when the ramp area is left. This glitch is very hard to do. NOTE: This may make the Comet Sticker unable to be received, unless the ramp area is left and entered again.

How To Wake Wiggier

Go to 1-6, near Mega sparkle Gommba. Go to the right and go into town. The thing is a tampet. Get it turned into a sticker. Go to 3-1. Paperzie. Wigger has woke up.

How To Run From Battle Faster

When you want to get out of a battle but it doesn't let you, tap the run button (or the middle of the screen right after you tap the run button) rapidly and the screen will get darker and darker you well eventually leave.




Megaflash Battle Sticker Locations

  • Megaflash Baahammer : World 5-4: On the third floor, through a warp pipe hidden to the right of the moving platforms in the main room.
  • Megaflash Burnhammer : World 5-5: In the first area, in a secret room behind a rock near the entrance to the second area.
  • Megaflash Chillhammer : World 4-6: On a platform in the second minecart area that requires you to Paperize the rail to reach.
  • Megaflash Clone Jump : World 5-6: On the third floor, pound the stake furthest to the right.
  • Megaflash Eekhammer : World 5-4: At the beginning of the level, release the raft by hitting the stake with the hammer, then ride it to the right.
  • Megaflash Hammer : World 2-2: Behind a secret panel below the balcony in the room with the Hammer Bros.
  • Megaflash Hopslipper : World 5-4: In the same room as the Megaflash Baahammer and Megaflash Hurlhammer.
  • Megaflash Hurlhammer : World 5-1: Behind the Hammer Bro in the area with the second red flower.
  • Megaflash Hurlhammer (2nd location) : World 5-4: In the same room as the Megaflash Baahammer.
  • Megaflash Infinijump : World 5-3: In a secret area to the right of the pillars in the room with the Comet Piece that's accesible from the "loop" in the river.
  • Megaflash Iron Jump : World 5-5: In the fifth area, under the "X" at the top of the hill. Stand on it until you see a shadow, then move out of the way.
  • Megaflash Jump : World 6-2: Through the Secret Door, in the ship's cabin.
  • Megaflash Line Jump : World 4-6: On a ledge below and to the right of where you fight the boss. Return after getting the Royal Sticker.
  • Megaflash Slaphammer : World 5-5: In the fourth area, under the "X" on the ground closest to the entrance. Stand on it until you see a shadow, then move out of the way.
  • 8 Super Flag Achievements

  • Find every single HP-Up Heart.
  • Collect every sticker type in the world.
  • Make all of the secret doors appear.
  • Collect all of the Comet Pieces.
  • Spend 10,000 or more Coins at shops.
  • Get a Perfect Bonus (win without getting hit) in 500 or more battles.
  • Perform 1,000 or more "Excellent" Action Commands in battle.
  • Get three symbols matched on the Battle Spinner slots 50 times.
  • Unlock Enemy Exhibition Room

    To unlock the Exhibition Room that shows your enemy, you just need to collect all of the battle stickers (all 96 of them)


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