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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Manís Chest, based on the upcoming Walt Disney Picturesí film, is a swashbuckling third-person action/adventure. Players will engage in game play that reflects the cunning world of the film franchise -- with an abundance of disloyalty, humor and revenge. Players embark on a daring adventure as Captain Jack Sparrow while sword dueling and hunting for hidden treasure in the quest for the legendary Dead Manís Chest. Whatís at stake? Only the playerís immortal soul!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is an Action/Adventure video game for PSP developed by Amaze Entertainment and published by Buena Vista Interactive on June 27, 2006. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 15 of our users have voted it 3.1 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest were added February 12, 2008. We also have the game available on Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, in addition to PSP.




God Mode

Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, X.

One Hit Kills

Press Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square, Square.

Unlimited Power Moves

Entry location: During game play, in single player, in a level, Triangle(3), square(2), x, Circle(2). If entered correctly, you will notice three bars under your life. These are your power bars. They are not filled yet, but when you kill a couple of people, it will be filled. Press left, up, or left to activate these. You can do as much of them as you want.

Unlock Kraken Battle

Circle, circle, cicle, triangle, triangle, triangle, square, square. The only way to find out if you did it right is to go to the menu where you select your level, check the spot where the Kraken battle is and it should be unlocked.


While playing the game, press Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, X.

Unlimited Health

In level one, press Triangle, Circle(2), Triangle(2), Square, X(2).


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


How To Get Out Of The Colored Masks And Tile Puzzle Room In

In this room you will find eight masks all with the colors of Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. You will also see four tiles with the colors of Green, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Three more things you will find will be a gate (to progress throughout the game, and also behind the colored tiles), moving statues with giant holes in the middle of them (these will also have platforms right beside them). And two giant cages above your head (also the 'Prison Cell' of William Turner and his crew in the movie). (Now you read.) The colored masks and the statues are your keys to progression. The colored masks shoot giant arrows out of the mouth holes. Step on the platform to make the statue rotate. Make it so that the arrows can shoot through both statues. Then you should see two Red, Blue, Yellow, or Green masks looking across from each other. If you have made the statues rotated the correct way, the masks will be shooting arrows at each other and should be hitting one another. You'll know when you have completed that colored set when you hear a slamming noise in the back ground. Do this with each set of masks and your free to move on!


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