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Have you ever had the urge to feed small villagers to sharks, order an army of red ants to devour someone, or punt a pygmy into a volcano? Pocket God is for you. Pocket God makes you the god of an island in which you can control the lives of the villagers who live on it. Is Pocket God a game? Not quite. There is no real objective to the app or an end. But with a recent update, the app has taken a bit of a step toward the game category and a little farther from the entertainment category, but I'll explain that later. Exactly how do you control the lives of the villagers? I think this is a question that only pictures can do justice.

Pocket God is a Simulation/World Building Sim video game for iPhone published by Apple on April 25, 2009. It's rated Not-Rated by the ESRB and 11 of our users have voted it 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Pocket God were added June 1, 2011.




Secret Jet Pack

First go to any island. Push the arrow at the top left corner then tap the picture with three stars. Then tap on the one star in the drop down box. Press submit a code and type in " journey to Uranus." The next time you do the cloud jump thing, you can find a jet pack.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Geyser Steps

Spirt Mode

Go to Sand Island. Turn on storm mode. Touch the statue 3 times. Create a hurricane right after. It might take a few times. To get out see my other Glitch.

Easy Way To Get 6 Speared Pygmies Underwater

First, get underwater. Now make sure you're playing the bait master game. Next, lure the barracudas into view, but don't let them eat the pygmies. Since the pygmies stay still, move them into line w/the spear, and they won't move. Spear them and VOILA! 6 speared pygmies!


Build your OWN fire, turn it to storm zap the dodo, put the burnt bird on the NOT lit fire , drag the pygmy to fire wood then he should build the fire then he'll eat the bird but when he picks it up he will pick a sleeping pygmy, choke on the pygmy and fall into the water.


If you have the newest version, the achievements you can do are:
* The lava run thing (you rub your finger in a line on the grond under a person)
* The cloud bounce coped by doodle jump (drag person above the clouds and drop on one of the 3 small ones)
* The shark snap (hold person by water and when shark comes by pull person up after shark goes under the water under person)
* The shark laser (go under water and pick dead fish out of the bucket. Tilt to aim and shoot by tapping lower right-hand corner [ by shark icon ])
* The coconut bounce ( drop the coco nut[in the island with volcano]) on the people's heads.

How To Make A Fire

Make people put the logs in the spot ( all 3 ) then zap the logs with lightning!

Glitched Music

First you must have the dance pack and pants on the ground with no one on the island start tapping then drop one person as soon as you here the pants on the ground fling him into the water and stop tapping now it it will ply the music untill you start tapping again or hit the circle buton.


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