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In the beginning, there was nothing but a void, and from the void five gods created the world, each exercising their great power to shape the world with five different but brilliant colors. Earth created the basis for all things; Water soothed it; Fire imbrued it with vitality; Wind breathed into it freedom; Harvest provided it with nourishment. Fish, beasts, and finally beings called man came into existence. The power of the gods brought harmony among all living things and the world gave way to an age of glory. However, prosperity created darkness in the hearts of man, and from that darkness demons were birthed. The demons controlled the same five elements as the gods and rose against them. A chaotic battle for the world had begun. Thus opened the gates of an age of darkness, where man trembles in fear, helpless as the awesome powers rage around them.

Populous DS is an Action/Adventure video game for Nintendo DS developed and published by XSEED Games on November 11, 2008. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Infinite Psyche Energy

When playing in Free Play Mode, you can get infinite Psyche Energy by completing all the Extra Challenge Stages.

Landscape Unlocks

  • 8-Bit Plain: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 26 in Level 6.
  • Fairytale: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 2 in Level 1.
  • Hanging Gardens: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 27 in Level 6.
  • Horror: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 11 in Level 3.
  • Magma: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 7 in Level 2.
  • Outer Space: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 16 in Level 4.
  • Persia: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 6 in Level 2.
  • Snowfield: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 21 in Level 5.
  • Yamato in Japanese: Successfully complete Challenge Stage 3 in Level 1.
  • God Unlocks

  • God of Fire: Defeat the Demon of Harvest in Challenge mode.
  • God or Goddess of Wind: Defeat the Demon of Water in Challenge mode.
  • Goddess of Harvest: Successfully complete Tutorial Stage 5.
  • Goddess of Water: Defeat the Demon of Fire in Challenge mode.
  • Unlockable Bonus Levels

    To unlock the bonus levels, complete the following tasks.

  • Levels 1 to 8: Successfully complete three of the five stages from the previous level to unlock the next level.
  • Bonus Challenge stage 41: Get a "Gold" or better rank on Warrior Hunt Level 1.
  • Bonus Challenge stage 42: Get a "Gold" or better rank on Warrior Hunt Level 2.
  • Bonus Challenge stage 43: Get a "Gold" or better rank on Warrior Hunt Level 3.
  • Bonus Challenge stage 44: Get "Gold" or better rank on all Warrior Hunt levels.
  • Bonus Challenge stage 45: Get "Platinum" on all Warrior Hunt levels.
  • Extra Challenge stages 46 to 50: Successfully complete all 40 stages in Challenge mode Levels 1 through 8.

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