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Project Gotham Racing is the future generation racing game where fun and reward come from focusing equally on speed, flair and risk-taking. Project Gotham Racing is circuit-based racing in photo-realistic downtown environments. Players can race against up to three friends at a time through realistic time-of-day and weather conditions. Players can choose from more than 25 different cars and compete on more than 200 city-based circuits. With 100+ individual and wheel-to-wheel racing challenges and six different modes of play, gamers can expect hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Project Gotham Racing is a Racing/Sports Car Auto Racing video game for Xbox developed by Bizzare Creations and published by Microsoft on November 8, 2001. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 34 of our users have voted it 3.1 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Project Gotham Racing were added May 3, 2004.




Faster Mercedes

Enter "Reki" as a player name to unlock a faster Mercedes.

All Cars And Courses

To unlock all cars and courses, use "Nosliw" as your driver's name (an easy way to remember this is the name "Wilson" spelled backwards). IMPORTANT! THIS CODE IS CASE-SENSITIVE! Case-sensitive means that the code will not work unless you enter it EXACTLY as shown, with the correct upper-case (big) and lower-case (small) letters.

All Paint Jobs For Every Car

For your user name put !!!!!!!!. I know it sounds weird, but trust me, it will work!

Faster Mercedes

When creating a new driver, type in "Reki" and it will make the Mercedes faster. IMPORTANT! THIS CODE IS CASE-SENSITIVE! Case-sensitive means that the code will not work unless you enter it EXACTLY as shown, with the correct upper-case (big) and lower-case (small) letters.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Bonus Paint Jobs

Get a gold medal in every kudos challenge to unlock custom designs that are not available through medal pursuit.

For A Truly Stylish Powerslide

After several hours of frustration and trial and error I now have an almost totally fail-safe method for nailing those triple digit Kudos winning powerslides. For a 100% effective power slide: Approach the corner close to the wall but more in the center of the road (preferably a VERY VERY WIDE corner so as to not tag the wall too hard) and as you being to turn your vehicle tap your foot brake (L-TRIGGER) to shift the weight into the front of your car. Now tag the hand brake (A-button) do not hold it or you risk a spin out. Merely tap it as you turn the wheel for the rest of the turn. Congrats, you just did a respectable powerslide. To make this stop merely tap the L-trigger again and you will restore order. This does not drag your speed down a great deal and in certain street races (So far I can say that a couple of the london levels are great for this) it can give you the lead by several seconds. If pulled off right you can make your friends look really really stupid as you burn them off with total style. (I also suggest using the analog stick as opposed to the D-pad for a much brighter and managable response) This may not work too well for anyone the first time, but it is an art, it takes little time to get the hang of but months to master.

VW Beetle

Get 1000 Kudos on easy to unlock the Beetle.

Free Roam In Time Attack Mode

Win a silver or gold medal in all parts of kudos challenge mode for a city. Select time attack mode and a "Free Roam" option will be unlocked for that city.

Bonus Time Trial Tracks

Accumulate over three and four hours of game play to unlock more tracks in time trial mode.

Z3 Roadster 3.0i

Win the Kudos Challenge level 1.


Win Arcade Race level one.

Opel Speedster

Win Arcade Race level two.

Lancer Evolution VII

Win all golds in Quick Race level three.

Focus Cosworth

Win the Kudos Challenge level 3.

F355 Spider And 355F1

Win all golds in Quick Race level four.

Delfino Feroce

Get 75,000 kudos.

Get The Ferrari F50

Colloct 200,000 kudos to unlock the F50 (the best car in the game.)

Corvette ZO6

Win the Kudos Challenge level 7.

Get A Lotus Exige

Achieve 50,000 kudos to earn the Exige. Which you will need to beat the Skyline GTR.

Camaro SS

Win all golds in Quick Race level two.

Boxster S

Win the Kudos Challenge level 2.

Aston Marton V12 Vanquish

Win Arcade Race level four.

911 GT2

Win the Kudos Challenge level 12.

360 Spider And 360 Modena

Win the Kudos Challenge level 9.

Get Carrera GT

Collect 150,000 kudos to unlock the Carrera GT.

Sliding For More Points

Use the hand brake when going around a turn.

Medal Pursuit Paint Jobs

Accumulate five hours of game play to unlock medal pursuit paint jobs.

Bonus Helmets

For every hour of game play you will receive a new helmet for your racer.

One On One

When starting with the one on one, lower the difficulty all the way down. You probably won't be able to medal but you will have a much better chance at winning the car. Chances are you will need this car to medal in the one on one.

Get The Focus First

In the SF Kudos Challenges, the first one you should do is the one-on-one. The rest of SF is a whole lot easier once you have the Focus Cosworth. I managed to beat it with the TT (but just barely)

Better Sliding Points

When going around a turn use your hand brake for better points. Also do not use reverse as break it is no good unlees you need to stop in an emergency.




Panoz Esperante

Get 25,000 kudos to unlock the Panoz Esperante.

Skyline GTR

Win the Kudos Challenge level 5.

Subaru WRX

Win Arcade Race level three.

TT Roadster And TT Coupe

Win all golds in Quick Race level one.

TVR Tuscan Speed Six

Get 100,000 kudos.

Viper RT-10

Win the Kudos Challenge level 11.


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