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For years, the Psychonauts have deployed their psychically-armed operatives all over the world, but this time trouble is brewing right in their own backyard. Someone is abducting students from the Psychonaut boot camp - a deranged scientist who only wants their brains. One cadet - a mysterious and powerful new arrival named Raz - stands alone against the lunatic. Raz must develop and unleash an arsenal of paranormal powers, including telekinesis, firestarting, clairvoyance, and his most powerful weapon of all - the ability to launch himself telepathically into someone else's mind, and run around in the demented amusement park of their imagination. Raz takes on their inner demons face to face, wrestles with their nightmares, and digs up their secret memories. Ultimately he must enter the mind of his worst enemy and destroy his dark plans at their source, while trying not to lose his sanity in the process.

Psychonauts is an Action/Adventure video game for PlayStation 2 developed and published by Majesco on June 22, 2005. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 6 of our users have voted it 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Psychonauts were added February 23, 2007. We also have the game available on Xbox, PC, in addition to PS2.




9999 Lives

Hold L1 and R1 and press L3, R2(2), Circle, X, R3.

Global Items

hold L1 and press R3, Circle, R2(2), L3, Triangle.

All Powers Upgraded (100 Ranked)

Hold L1 and R1 and press L3, R3, L3, R2, Circle, R2.

Change Text

Hold L1 and R1 and press R2, X, L3, R2(2), Circle.

All Powers

Hold L1 and R1 and press Circle, Circle, Triangle, R2, L3, Triangle.

9999 Arrowheads

Hold L1 and R1 and press X, R3, R3, R2, Triangle, Square.


Hold L1 and R1 and press Circle, R2, Circle, Circle, Triangle, L2.


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