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Little Mac returns to the ring in this Wii edition of the classic boxing franchise. Little Mac is back! Everyone's favorite underdog from the 1980s joins the best of the original Punch--Out!! cast in a modern re-imagination of the series. Players will find familiar names like Glass Joe, King Hippo and trainer Doc Louis. These boxers come to life again in cell-shaded 3-D, complete with hilarious fighting animations and back stories that capture all the fun and flair of the original Punch-Out!! games. The motion-sensitive controls of the Wii console mean that when players throw punches, Little Mac throws punches as well. Additionally, you can control hooks and jabs by combining motion control with control-stick movement The motion-sensing Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers turn real-life swings into on-screen punches, so anyone can play. The game can also be played with classic NES-style controls by turning the Wii Remote sideways.

Punch-Out!! is a Sports/Boxing video game for Wii developed by Next Level and published by Nintendo on May 18, 2009. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 27 of our users have voted it 4.3 out of 5 stars.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Great Tigers One Punch Knockdown Weak Spot

If you are having trouble beating Great Tiger in 3 punches, here's how you do it. First wait until he does his magic rushing attack, then punch him in the stomach when he comes. If he's on the left side punch him with your left hand. If he's on the right side punch him with your right hand.

Free Gigimac Stars

When in gigimac mode hold the thumbstick on the numchuk to the left your character will hold up his arms and your will get stars.

King Hippo Attack

When King Hippo opens his mouth punch his body.

Weaknesses From The Characters

Glass Joe: When he goes to the edge and sas "Liberte" hit him jut before he steps in front of you.
Von Kaiser: Get 1 star punch, then dodge, hit his face, hit the star punch and he is down.
Disco Kid: Hit him with all the star punches you can.
King Hippo: HIt him once in the face, then hit he's stomach all you can.
Piston Hondo: When he is going to hit you with his rush, just before he starts, hit him in any place and he is down.
Bear Hugger: None.
Great Tigger: Hit him before he hits hit you with the Magic Rush attack.
Don Flamenco: (Im not sure if this works) Hit him before he hits with his "Uno, dos, tres" Attack.
Aran Ryan: Try hitting him with lots of star punches.
Soda Popinski: Hit him all the time in the face.
Super Macho Man: (Not sure) HIt him before he hits with he's spinning attack.
Mr. Sandman: None.

Defeating Von Kaiser With 5 Hits

When you fight with Von Kaiser in the Minor Circuit, hit him when he is going to use his punch to gain a Star Punch. Do this 3 times so you have 3 stars, then doge his punch, hit him ONCE so he is stunned. You have used 4 hits up to now. When he is about to call his mom and say "Mommy", use your triple star punch. USE IT BEFORE HE SAYS "MOMMY", SO WHEN YOU HIT HIS FACE, HE IS SAYING MOMMY! Then he will be fall down with a KO.

Faster Recovery

When you knock an opponent down, you can tap 1 and 2 buttons back and forth (or drum with remote and nunchuck) to increase your health.

Beating The Charachters

If you can't beat the person you are working on, go to exhibition then choose the person you are working on. Once you do that choose the person, then study their moves. This may help in beating the person.

Super Hints

* Tap the 1 & 2 buttons or drum the remote & nunchuck to regain HP after knocking an opponent down.
* Do the same when Mac is about to go down for the last time for a 2nd chance at victory.
* Lose 100 times to earn the shameful (yet invulnerable)training helmet.
* Hit the minus button in between rounds for a 1 time HP boost (Doc starts eating a chocolate bar).
Don Flamenco: Weakness: Punch off his toupee. Power attacks: Backs up & claps "Uno, dos, tres" & unleashs a triple hook with a uppercut.
King Hippo: weaknesses: Punch off his crown; punch his belly. Power attacks: Pincer double; shaking the remote.
Glass Joe: Weaknesses: Punch his face; do an uppercut.
Disco Kid: Weaknesses: says "Here it come" when about to attack; Dancing to music.
Bear Hugger: Weakness: none
Von Kaiser: Weakness: none.

Gigamac Meter Boost

When in gigamac mode move the thumbstick (on the numchuk) to the right and your player will hold his arms up and his blue gigamac meter will get higher. NOTE: YOU CAN USE THIS AS MANY TIMES A YOU WOULD LIKE.

Regain Health

When you are fighting in head to head or story mode when the time runs out before you press A hit the - button. NOTE:YOU CAN ONLY USE THIS ONCE IN EVERY FIGHT.

Health #2

Hit the minus button between rounds for a one-time health boost. You'll know when it works when Doc starts eating a chocolate bar.


Alternately tap the 1 and 2 buttons to regain health after knocking a opponent down.





Major Circuit  	Win the Minor Circuit Championship Title
World Circuit 	Win the Major Circuit Championship Title
Title Defense Mode 	Win the World Circuit Championship Title
Last Stand Mode 	Defeat Mr. Sandman in Title Defense Mode

Invulnerable Training Helmet

Lose 100 times to earn the invulnerable training helmet.


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