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Quake 3: Arena is an Action/Adventure video game for PC developed by Id Software and published by Activision on December 11, 1999. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and 15 of our users have voted it 4.0 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Quake 3: Arena were added May 22, 2009. We also have the game available on Dreamcast, in addition to PC.




Type In Color

To type in color, press the CHAT button, or rename yourself. Start typing after you write one of these in.
you can also use letters after ^. EXAMPLE ^H.

God Mode

To turn on GOD MODE, you have to have cheats enabled. To enable cheats, pull down the console (~ or `) and type /devmap and then the map you are in. EXAMPLE: "/devmap q3dm17" press ENTER. Now pull down the console and type "/god" If it says "GODMODE ON" you did it right and you can not die (by being shot, ) or lose health.

Unlock All Levels At Skill 1

To unlock all levels at skill 1 go to the consol and type "iamacheater" and everything should be at skill 1.

Unlock All Levels At Skill 100

To unlock all levels at leavel 100 push the `~ key to bring down the consoland type "iamamonkey" and you go to the place where you see your name and guy and everything should say 100 and you can play all the levels.

Cheat Codes (Demo Test)

Load Q3DemoTest, press ~ to display the console, then type "/spdevmap [map 
name]". Use one of the following values for [map name]:


The game will load in single player mode with the current settings of the bot 
variables, and cheat mode enabled. Then, enter one of the following codes to 
activate the corresponding cheat function:


Toggle God mode		/god
Toggles no clipping mode		/noclip
All weapons and ammo [Note]	/give all
All levels unlocked at skill 1	/iamacheater
All levels unlocked at skill 100	/iamamonkey
Spawn indicated item		/give [item name]
Hidden Sarge skin		/model sarge/krusade

Note: The Grenade Launcher and the BFG10K weapons that are unlocked with 
this code function, but the graphics are incomplete. It will appear that your 
character is not holding any weapon when they are selected.

Map Mode

Bring down the consol and type :/spdevmap

No Clip Mode!

Bring down the consol and type :/noclip and there you go!

New Skin For Sarge!

Bring down the consol and type: modelsarge/krusade and he should have a cool looking skin!

Item Names

Use one of the following values with the "/give [item name]" code: all ammo armor battle suit bfg10k flight gauntlet grappling hook grenade launcher haste health invisibility lightning gun machinegun medkit personal teleporter plasma gun quad damage railgun regeneration rocket launcher shotgun


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Strategy Guide

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