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he multimillion-unit-selling Ratchet & Clank franchise makes its way to the PSP system as an all-new action platformer. This exciting adventure comes equipped with an enormous variety of inventive weapons and gadgets that are still not fit for this world! While on vacation, Ratchet & Clank get lured into a mysterious quest and soon rediscover a forgotten race of genius inventors known as the Technomites. Little do they realize that the Technomites are bent on galactic conquest, and are creating their own army of heroes to rule the Universe! Ratchet and Clank must now work together to stop this clone army from taking over the galaxy before it is too late.

Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters is an Action/Adventure video game for PSP developed by Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. on February 28, 2007. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and 178 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters were added March 28, 2011. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, in addition to PSP.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Infininte Money

First you must beat the game. Then get your multiplier to 12 then go to metallis and the secret arena (where the circle of boxes is). Now kill the boxes save the game and then load the file you just saved. You should fly back to metallis go back and kill the boxes again and repeat this cycle if your multiplier is 12 you should get 400, 000 bolts each time done.

Free Weapon

First you must not have the Concussion Gun in order to get it free. So all you have to do is not buy the concussion gun and you will get it at the medical outpost where ratchet and clank are trying to escaped. Also it will be the second weapon you get back.

Chameleon Suit

This cheat is not hard after you get the rhino gun but after you get that go beat the game like 8 times and after almost every time you will find new suits witch helps beat the game again and again.

Easy Money

Do the first 3 Planets, Brake all the crates in Each Planet also, do some Clank games in Metalis (The junk planet. ).

Armor Sets

To get many different armor combinations, combine the following: Fire Bomb bomb helmet, bomb body piece, fire gloves, fire boots. Shock Crystal Shock body, shock boots, crystal helmet and boots.

Storm The Front : Skill Point

Complete the enemy portion of level 10 in less 1:45.

Skill Point: Bury The Pygmies

Go to planet Ryllus and get to the second vendor. Leap the hypershot and get on the platform with the spiked cats. Kill the cats and watch the plants eat the small yellow pygmies. You must make the bury blossoms eat at least four pygmies.

"Wool Protest" Skill Point

In Dayini Moon, there are places where the mimic plants become bouncy flowers. After the last one, if you get through the evil sheep without killing them (like using the Mootator), you get the skill point Wool Protest.

Titanium Bolt On Metalis

Once you get the polarizer from the second race go back to Metalis. When you first land look to the right and there will be a door with a red thing on the top. Use the polarizer on it and it will open. Go through the whole course and at the end will be a titanium bolt in the middle of a circle of crates.

Beating Giant Clank & Get The Skill Point

Later in the game, Ratchet is kidnapped & put in something called Dream Space. At the end of the Dream Space level, you have to fight a giant version of Clank (ie: Giant Clank). You don't have any weapons so you just have to avoid him for about 2-3 min. If you do that & finish without getting hit you get the skill point "Friends Don't Hurt Friends"

Beating Otto In Challenge Mode

When you start challenge mode save up your bolts in order to buy the R.Y.N.O, then boost it up to v.4. It is nearly impossible to beat him without it.





To get Mootater complete all clank mini games on Dayni Moon

Ice 2 Armor

Equip the Crystallix helmet and the rest of the Hyperborean armor to make the ice 2 Armor.

Two New Sets Of Armor

Once you kill OTTO & beat the game, if you go into challenge mode, you can unlock 2 new sets of armor, the last of witch you have to win 10 time in a row without losing to unlock.

Lights,camera,action Skill Point

Kill 10 hovering cameras on ryllus.

Super Lambox Skill Point

Kill 25 enemies in a row on kalidon.

Shoutout Skill Point

On metalis win a gadgetbot toss without letting anyone elese score.

Take Them Down A Shock

Kill 23 shock troopers without dying on challax.

No More Varmints Skill Point

On planet Challax, you will receive the "No More Varmints" skill point by smashing the orbital defense facilities. Get to 1, 535 points as Giant Clank.


Upgrade the R.Y.N.O to v.4

Unlock Dan Skin For Multiplayer

to unlock Dan skin you need to 5 times in a iron Lombax Match, 5 times in a Death match, and 5 times in a capture the flag match.

Agents Of Dread

Upgrade the Agents of Doom to V4.

Acid Detonator

Upgrade the Acid Bomb to V4.

Repulsor Field

Upgrade the Static Barrier to V4.

Killer Bee Mine

Upgrade the Bee Mine Glove to V4.

Optical Maser Array

Upgrade the Laser Tracer to V4.

Electro Rocket

Upgrade the Shock Rocket to V4.


Upgrade the Scorcher to V4.

Concussion Cannon

Upgrade the Concussion Gun to V4.

Dual Lacerators Weapon

Upgrade the Lacerator to V4.

Armoogeddon Weapon

Upgrade the Mootator to V4.

Elite Annihilation: Skill Point

Defeat over 70 clones in the elite clone battle in Quadrona.

Ratchet... Just Ratchet: Skill Point

Inside clank use only the wrench on the enemy segment.

Ship It: Skill Point

On planet Ryllus break all the crates to get the point.

Terror Of The Skies: Skill Point

Score 600 points on the giant clank challenge. (900 in challenge mode).

Don't Rock The Boat: Skill Point

On the boat part of pokitaru don't get hit to get this skill point.

Train Faster: Skill Point

On Pokitaru complete the training part of the challenge in less than 1:32.

Super Bloom Cheat

Get 12 skill points to unlock this cheat.

Big Headed Ratchet

Get 5 skill points to unlock this cheat.

Big Headed Clank

Get 3 skill points to unlock this cheat.

She's On Fire Cheat

Get 7 skill points to unlock this cheat.

Mirrored Levels

Get 10 skill points to unlock this cheat.

More Cowbell

Get 8 skill points to unlock this cheat.

Big Headed Giant Clank

Get 1 skill point to unlock the cheat for giant Clank with a big head.

Not The Shock Of Me Now

While in Clank's head, don't get hit to unlock this skill point.

Take Them Down A Shock Skill Point

On Planet Challax, kill 23 shock troopers without dying to get this skill point.

"Dont Rock The Boat" Skill Point

In Pokitaru, after beating the giant crab, there is a platform over ocean. If you get to the last part without taking damage, you will earn the skill point "Dont Rock The Boat."

Lights, Camera, Action! Skill Points

On Planet Ryllus, kill 10 floating cameras to get this skill point.

"High Tech Weapons Master" Skill Point

On Challax, beat all the enemies without using the Laceraor, Acid Bomb Glove, Concussion Gun, shock rocket, laser tracer, sniper mine, or RYNO.

"Shutout" Skill Point

Win a Gadgetbot Toss without letting anyone else score on Metalis.

Do Cows Get Crabby? Skill Point

Turn 26 crabs into cows with the mootator/armoogeddon on Pokutaru.

Wildburst Armor

Equip the Sludge Mk 9 helmet and the rest of the Wildfire armor to make the Wildburst armor set.

Triple Wave Armor

Equip the wildfire helmet, Sludge Mk 9 gloves, and the Electroshock body armor and boots to make the Triple Wave Armor set.

Stalker Armor

Equip the wildfire helmet, Sludge Mk 9 gloves and, and the Chameleon body armor and boots to make the Stalker Armor set.

Shock Crystal Armor

Equip the Electroshock helmet and boots with the Crystallix body armor and gloves to make the Shock Crystal Armor. Alternately, equip the Eletroshock helmet and gloves with the Crystallix body armor and gloves to make the Shock Crystal Armor set.

Fire-Bomb Armor

Equip the Mega-bomb helmet, boots, Wildfire gloves, and mega- Bomb body armor to make the Fire-Bomb armor.

Freeze Wrench

After defeating Otto Destruct, enter challenge mode. You will get a piece of Hyperborean Armor. Once you have the full set, you will have a freeze wrench.

Flaming Wrench

Wear all wildfire armor to get a flaming wrench.


The RYNO becomes available after the game after Otto is defeated

Tropical Vacation

Collect 4 titanium bolts. You can access the skins options in the specials tab in the pause menu.

Plundering Pirate Captain

Collect 6 titanium bolts. You can access the skins options in the specials tab in the pause menu.


Collect 6 titanium bolts. You can access the skins options in the specials tab in the pause menu.


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Weapon Upgrades/Mods FAQ

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