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Set 50 years after the climactic events of the original Red Faction, Red Faction: Guerrilla allows players to take the role of an insurgent fighter with the newly re-established Red Faction movement as they battle for liberation from the oppressive Earth Defense Force. Red Faction: Guerrilla re-defines the limits of destruction-based game-play with a huge open-world, fast-paced guerrilla-style combat, and true physics-based destruction.

Red Faction: Guerrilla (also known as Red Faction: Guerilla) is a Shooter/First-Person Shooter video game for Xbox 360 developed by Volition and published by THQ on June 2, 2009. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and 59 of our users have voted it 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Red Faction: Guerrilla were added May 31, 2013. We also have the game available on PC, PlayStation 3, in addition to Xbox 360.




Multiplayer Maps And Gold Hammer

Under the options menu select "EXTRAS" then select "ENTER CODE" and enter these cheats
MAPMAYHEM-Bonus multiplayer map pack
HARDHITTER-Golden hammer for single player use.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


To Defend Against A Raid (kinda)

My favorite way to slater edf soldiers when they are raiding a compound is to set up proximity mines in a row and remote mines a little behind them so when the edf attack the proximity mines kill the first of them and set the rest of when you want. After that start shooting edf soldiers with your guns.

How To Kill A Convoy

If you are trying to take down a convoy you will need to know the land, First find the most easily blockable point that the convoy can't go around, then hijack cars and block that point with the cars/trucks, finally set remote charges where you think the convoy will be when they are about to hit the blockade and wait till the convoy is there and watch the edf blow up and not get away, then finish the remaining edf with a weapon of your choice.

Thermal Imaging Gun

Well what you have to do to get this gun, it too, find one of the big white EDF guys kill him and see what gun they have. If it does not look familiar pick it up and if it is the thermal imaging gun then when you zoom in, lets say at a tank then you will see the edf guy in there and you r able to shoot through the tank and kill the edf guy, and steal the tank. Well I hope I gave you good enough info. Good luck.

A Fun Way To Get Salvage

If your a person who likes to kill EDF instead of destroying there bases and other building crap to get salvage, here's another way to get salvage. When you pass those EDF guys with the tiny EDF property building in the middle of the road, just kill the EDF dudes and hide in the EDF property buildings and set remote charges in the road and detonate them if EDF vehicles come through! Then keep doing it until you want to be done!


To get the peacekeeper you need to steal it from edf guys. Its like shotgun but kind of medium range. It shoots a little fast. Good against a group edf infantry.

Practice Demolitions

A good way to practice your demolitions is to just to blow up your safehouse buildings or go to xbox live and go to the custom match thing and pick out the things you need to practice with.


A building's weakness is mostly the middle of it or the top of it.




No Green Alert

To get this cheat you need to complete 25 killing sprees in single player.


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