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You'll be scared to leave your bedroom once you get a glimpse of RESIDENT EVIL 2. Set just a month or so after the conclusion of the original, the sequel sends Leon Kennedy and Clare Redfield right back to Raccoon City, only to pit them against the same maddening plague of blood-thirsty zombies that infested the town in part one. Play as either Leon or Clare in two separate adventures, each containing hidden items and vital information that unlocks secrets of the RESIDENT EVIL series.

Resident Evil 2 is an Action/Survival Horror video game for Nintendo64 developed by Angel Studios and published by Capcom on October 5, 1997. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and 17 of our users have voted it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Resident Evil 2 were added November 19, 2009. We also have the game available on PlayStation, Dreamcast, GameCube, in addition to N64.





To have immunity for the whole time the game is turned on, go to the load game screen and press Down(4), Right(4), L,R,R,L, and C up and C down.


For limited invulnerability,mix the green,blue & red herbs in that order.You MUST mix the herbs in that same order,or they will not work.Green & Blue MUST be mixed together first,then you add the red herb.


At the load game screen,press Down(4),Left(4),L, R(2),L,C-Up,C-Down.If you entered the code correctly,the game will return to the main menu.

Infinite Ammunition

At the load game screen, press Up(4), Right(4), L, R, L, R, C-Right, C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu.

Hunk Scenario

At the load game screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Left(2), Right(2), L, R, C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, C-Left. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu. Alternatively, successfully complete either character's second scenario in under two hours and thirty minutes with saving less than twelve times. Hunk is a soldier that must reach the second floor of the police station from the sewer with just battles and no puzzles.

Tofu Scenario

At the load game screen, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Left(2), Right(2), L, R, C-Up, C-Left, C-Down, C-Right. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the main menu. Alternatively, successfully complete either character's first and second scenarios in less than three hours. Then, play the game again with the other character, and successfully complete their first and second scenarios in less than three hours. Play the game a third time and complete either character's first and second scenarios again in less than three hours. Note: The game must be saved less than twelve times during each of the six scenarios played and bonus weapons must not be used. Tofu is a piece of tofu (food) that must reach the second floor of the police station from the sewer with just battles and no puzzles. Tofu can not use any weapons other than a knife.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Locations Of Items

The locations of items:

Capitalized words = Key Items
* By words = Documents
** By words = Key documents

*Robert’s Note - Kendo Gun Shop counter
*Dario’s Note - Front of the bus, in the briefcase
Secret Key – On Brad Vickers (If you don’t pick anything up while in the city, run
 down the stairs before entering the police station. ) 
**********Obtaining this key allows you access to the locked lockers in the
 dark room. This closet contains two outfits for Leon, or one outfit and a 
 Colt SAA pistol for Claire

Ink Ribbon - reception desk, main hall
BLUE KEY CARD - after you talk to wounded officer
Green Herb - corner of Eastern Waiting Room
*Journalist’s Note - Observation Room
Small Key - Observation Room
Police Station Map - Safe, Eastern Office
Red Herb - Behind desk, in main office, Eastern Office
**Police Memorandum - Western Waiting Room
Green Herb - Western Corridor
*Operation Report - Classroom
RED JEWEL - Classroom fireplace (Light fire)
Green Herb – Behind stairs, near door
Ink Ribbon - Darkroom, near typewriter
PRECINCT KEY (Spade) - In the statue, in main hall
Ink Ribbon - file cabinet
*Patrol report – file shelf
CRANK – On top of cabinet (Use ladder)
Ink Ribbon – cabin
Cord – Interrogation Room
First Aid Spray – Interrogation Room
ROOK PLUG – Interrogation Room
Film – Northwestern file storage
Green Herb – Northwestern Office
*Memo to Leon – Northwestern Office
Red Herb – Eastern Corridor
Ink Ribbon – Bunkroom
*Watchman’s Diary – Bunkroom
Film – News Room
Two Green Herbs – Outside foreyard

RED JEWEL – Statue Hand
First Aid Spray – S. T . A . R . S . Office, Rookie Desk
*Jill’s Note – S. T . A . R . S . Office
*Chris’ Diary – S. T . A . R . S . Office
UNICORN MEDAL – S. T . A . R . S . Office
Picture Film – Examine Head of S. T . A . R . S . Unit fifty times
Red Herb – Small table near double doors, in library
BISHOP PLUG – Behind warrior plate, in library
Small key – Eastern Waiting Room
*Secretary’s Diary A – Eastern Waiting Room
Ink Ribbon – Eastern Waiting Room
Green Herb – Outside Stairwell
Ink Ribbon – Pot in Red Jewel input room
PRECINCT KEY (Diamond Key) – Red Jewel Input Room
KING PLUG – Chained Soldier, Red Jewel input Room

KNIGHT PLUG – Clock Tower

Green Herb – Power Room
Police Basement Floor Map 1 – Power Room
Red Herb – Outside double doors, to the East
Green Herb – Dog Kennels 
Red Herb – Cell Block, first cell
MANHOLE OPENER – Cell block shelf
Green Herb – Store Room L
Ink Ribbon – Store Room L
 (As Ada)
Sewage Disposal Map – Crate Room
PRECINCT KEY (Club Key) – Crate Room
 (As Leon)
RED KEY CARD – Autopsy Room
Side pack – Weapons Storage Room
*Mail to Chief – Received from Ben
Two Blue Herbs – Hallway before Control Room
Ink Ribbon – Control Room

Sewer Map – Steel and concrete Corridor
WOLF MEDAL – Among the bodies
Green Herb – Chemical Pool Room
Ink Ribbon – Sewage Dump
EAGLE MEDAL – Atop of ramp, near sewage control panel
*Sewer Manager’s Diary - Atop of ramp, near sewage control panel

Two Green Herbs – Eastern Dead end
First Aid Spray – Control Room Cabinet
Factory Map – End of Train Tunnel
Green Herb – Security Cabin
Ink Ribbon – Security Cabin
**User Registration – Scientist Bunkroom
First Aid Spray – Oil drum, freezer
FUSE CASE – Freezer 
MAIN FUSE – Freezer (After making it)
Green Herb – Overgrown plant shaft
Green Herb – End of Hallway
Laboratory Map – Surveillance Room
LAB CARD KEY – Main Research Room
Ink Ribbon – Main Research Room

Weapons And Ammunition Locations

Weapons and ammunition locations throughout Resident Evil 2.

Total:					Weapons:
Handgun = 330 Bullets			Shotgun  x2
Shotgun = 70 Bullets			Custom Handgun
Magnum = 40 Bullets 			Desert Eagle Magnum
					Custom Shotgun


Kendo Gun Shop, right side of the glass  x15 (Handgun)
Kendo Gun Shop,  behind counter near back door  x15 (Handgun)
Shotgun, Kendo Gun Shop, Robert Kendo’s dead body
Back alley near basketball court, in the van  x15 (Handgun)
Between the dumpster and two trash cans  x15 (Handgun)
Back of bus, in the purse  x15 (Handgun)

Main Hall, reception desk  x30 (Handgun)
In the safe, Eastern office  x7 (Shotgun)
**With randomizer on, it may be Magnum ammo, or 
   Grenade Launcher ammo
   Behind Eastern office, dead officer’s body  x15 (Handgun)
**With randomizer on, it may be Magnum ammo, or Grenade Launcher ammo
   With randomizer on, the corner near the vending machines, first floor 
   corridor  x15 (Handgun)
   Storage room behind teaching room  x15 (Handgun)
   Black Room, on the filing cabinets  x15 (Handgun)
   Cabin, on the desk near the door  x15  (Handgun)
   File Storage Room, lockable drawers  x7 (Shotgun)
   Western Office, lockers  x15 (Handgun) 
  Northeastern Corridor, behind stairs  x15 (Handgun)
	Desert Eagle Magnum, bunk room, on the nightstand

   Shotgun, S. T . A . R . S . Office, near communications device, in 
**With randomizer on, it may be a Grenade Launcher
Closet at the end of hallway with boarded door x15 (Handgun)
	Handgun Parts, small desk near single door library entry
On the roof near helicopter wreck  x15 (Handgun)

Western Cell Block Corridor, on the table  x15 (Handgun)
 (As Ada) Secluded room near elevator shaft  x7 (Shotgun)
Weapon Storage Room  x7 (Shotgun)
Weapon Storage Room  x30 (Handgun)
	Sub-machinegun, back of Weapon Storage Room, in the lockers

In the safe room, small table  x30 (Handgun)
In the Warehouse, down the ladder, in the back  x7 (Shotgun)
In the Warehouse, down the ladder, on the shelf  x8 (Magnum)
In the Sewer, among the bodies x7 (Shotgun)
In the chemical pool room, across the bridge  x7 (Shotgun)

	Shotgun Parts, dead end, Northeast end
Control Room, service panel  x7 (Shotgun)
Control Room, service panel  x8 (Magnum)
Back of Service Tunnel  x15 (Handgun)
Small Storage, on train  x8 (Magnum)
Security Cabin, lockers  x7 (Shotgun)
Security Cabin, desk  x8 (Magnum)
	Flamethrower, Scientist Bunk Room
Overgrown room, with two Lickers  x14 (Shotgun)
M. O . Disk Room, gurney  x8 (Magnum).

Hidden Audio Trick 2

After you see Leons AWESOME video clip played by Metallica, there is another clip that blows your mind away. At the biginning of the game pick Clarie. Then you will see the wiered dude with his cheak missing and some music in the backround. When you see him press start ONCE! Then the molment you see Claries tire, press play to the song "Cemetary Gates" by Pantera. You will be stunned by the performance that it displays and posseses.

Level Select

You can select any level you want without beating each individual level.

Zombies Weak Spot

Durring game play when zombies are trying to attack you, stand back and aim up at their heads. Before you actually play the GAME there is that video, just watch it and you will find out where the weak spot is because its either Leon or Claire who shoots one of the zombies in the head. When you do this it only takes about 2 shots to kill the zombies.

Kill Cabin Zombies

Go to the cabin(it's the building down below the helicopter burning, after you go down the stairs), and look into the window above the desk with the typewriter. A message will pop up on the screen that says "Zombies are inside!" Now go to the door to the left of the cabin and open it. The door will open slower than usual and two zombies will come out.

Beat William Birkin Scenario 1

At the last fight it took me a while to figure it out but to beat William you have to use the unlimited ammo cheat. You have to unload the machine gun on him until he is smaller, then use the flamethrower to finish him.

Change Clothes And Get A Gun

Start with Leon or Claire on normal. When you start pick up NOTHING or you will have wasted your time. After you reach the police station go inside and get a good gun and all of the ammo you can find. Go outside where you first come in the police station gates. There is a tunnel if you go strait. Go into it and there will be a zombie that is very hard to kill. Search him after you blast him away. You should find something called a special key. Go to the room where you can make pictures and use it on the lockers that askes for a special key. For Leon you get two outfits. One looks like a S.T.A.R.S. uniform. The other lets you shoot faster with the pistol. For Claire there is only one outfit, but there is a gun that shoots quickly from the waist.

Breaking Camera

This trick is simple. All you have to do is have a shotgun and face the screen where you are facing the character face to face and shoot. If it don't work you need to be farther back. You will see something like bullet holes through the camera. It only works with a shot gun of any kind.

Infinite Gatling Gun

To get this code you must complete the second scenario in under two and 1/2 hours without saving any. You can be either character, Leon or Claire.

Get Both Red Diamonds

message: #1: go where you see the two statues and both are faceing the wall you have to push them out and switch the one on the left to the one on the right but you have to put them against the wall where you see the thing built into the wall like a little ridge. #2: you have to be claire for both of them of of your leon you have to find the lighter then you go to the classroom on the the west side of the building (it's the room where there's lots of seats) then go in the back room and you'll see a painting with a naked guy being hung then you get in front of it get the lighter out and it will burn a little hole where th red diamond will fall out.

Rebecca Chambers Picture

Go to the S.T.A.R.S main office on the second floor adn inspect the desk 50 times.You will be asked to get a roll of film. Say yes and go to the dark room on the first floor.Develope the film and you will get a pic of Rebecca Chambers in a basketball uniform.

Secret Police Station Gate

Make your way to the main police station door...But don't go in it!!! Go directly across from it until you hit a wall and press the A button and the camera view will change and show a gate with 3 zombies on the other side. You can kill the zombies but the gate won't open. You can keep on killing the same zombies by going into the police station then outside and go to the same gate.

Hidden Audio Trick

Start a new game with Leon. Right when the Racoon City street sign exits the screen (not the freeway sign), start the song "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Watch how the words and the music follow the game exactly! It will blow you away!

Upgrades for Leon and cool gun for Claire

There are many upgrades to leon's guns. the 1st is in the desk right b4 you first enter the library. To get in the desk you will need a small key and you will get the handgun parts. Towards the end, after you get off the tram you should lite the flare gun and a key will appear. pick it up. as you go through the door there will be an intersection, go left. there will be a dead corpse, search him and you will find parts for the shotgun. Then when you are about to enter the lab where the g-virus is made there is a set of lockers. Open the one with the blue lite ontop. here are the magnum parts. When you are Claire you will find a really neat gun in the same spot where you find the shotgun parts for leon. i forget what its called but its really cool.

Unlimited Rocket Launcher

After beating the game with Leon or Claire with a grade of a or b, you must start the game over with leon and go to city hall and it is at the front desk.

Be Leon or Claire

You have to make it to the police station with out picking up anything. Enter the police station and pick up the bullets on the desk then head back outside go down the stairs and there will be a zombie down there. He is hard to kill but when you do search him you will find a key go back in and when you get tothe dark room their will be a locker and you can open it and find a new suit and gun.

Tyrant's Ammuntion

In Leon or Claire's second scenario, the player will constantly run into a giant super zombie called Tyrant. Every time a Tyrant is defeated, the player can steal his ammunition: Shotgun shells or magnum bullets for Leon, and grenade rounds or bow gun bolts for Claire.

Easy Gator Kill

When fighting the gator, and he starts coming towards you, go and inspect the yellow light on the left wall. Then, the light will fall off and the gator will eat it. Now while the light is in its mouth, shoot it and the gator will explode.

Safe Combination

The combination to the safe in front of the chief's desk at the police office, with all the zombies, is 4542. Open it to find shotgun shells and a map.

Final Stage Bonus Room

The final stage has a bonus room that can be entered through a long but easy process. In the first scenario, have Leon or Claire use the red lab key card to enter the room with the giant flying moth. Kill the moth. Find the keyboard attached to the wall, kill the larvae on it and type your name in on the keyboard as "NEMESIS". Register your fingerprint. Go to the first floor of the lab and find the thumbprint reader panel. Use your fingerprint, and the panel should then ask for a second "fingerprint verification." Complete the game, and save the second scenario to any file. In the second scenario from the game you have just played, go to the final stage. Find the room on the first floor of the lab where wriggling plant vines are blocking the vent. The red lab key card should be there. Take it and go to the moth room with the keyboard. Enter your name as "GUEST" and register your thumbprint. Finally, go to the first floor and find the thumbprint reader. It should ask for the "secondary fingerprint verification." Do it, and the bonus room to the right of the panel should be unlocked. Look for a special weapon inside.

Bonus Weapons

Successfully complete either character's first scenario in under two hours and thirty minutes with an A or B ranking for the rocket launcher with infinite ammunition. Successfully complete either character's second scenario in under two hours and thirty minutes hours with an A or B ranking for the gatling gun with infinite ammunition. Successfully complete either character's second scenario in under three hours with an A or B ranking for the machine gun with infinite ammunition. Note: The bonus weapon will appear in the next game after the first chest is opened.

Alternate Uniforms

Start a game on the normal difficulty setting. Then, go to the police station without collecting any items. Quickly move past the zombie that appears in the alley near the police station. Collect the shotgun, then kill the zombie. Take the special key from the zombie's body and go to the dark room to open the lockers with alternate uniforms. Claire has a single alternate uniform, with a quick shooting revolver. Leon has two alternate uniforms, one of which will allow him to shoot with one hand.

Randomizer Mode

Successfully complete both scenarios. Then when starting a new game, a choice for original or randomizer mode will appear after selecting your character and difficulty settings. Randomizer mode places items and objects randomly throughout the game.

EX File Locations

1. Scenario A: In the cabinet in the file room. 2. Scenario B: On the desk in the Culture Experiment room of the Lab. 3. Scenario B: On a Umbrella soldier body in the Sewer B2 Wastewater Channel (east side). 4. Scenario A: Go behind the counter of the Gun Shop, on top of the counter. 5. Scenario A: In the briefcase near the end of the Bus at the beginning. 6. Scenario B: On Hot Dog Cart on the first street. 7. Scenario A: On the table in the room with the Fans and the blue doors in the Police office. 8. Scenario A: On Jill's desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office. 9. Scenario B: On Rebbeca's desk in the S.T.A.R.S. office, near the first aid bag hanging on the wall. 10. Scenario B: In the passage with stairs just outside the Police station doors. 11. Scenario A: The Lab, in the B4 Vaccine room. 12. Scenario A: The observation room of the police station on table, the one-way glass. 13. Scenario B: In the Lab in on the desk in the P-4 Laboratory-across from the moth room. 14. Scenario B: On the table in the room were the Chief dies. 15. Scenario B: In a cabinet in the monitor room that shows the Tyrant in the Factory. 16. Scenario A: In the Library of the Police station in a bookcase on the northern upper level.

Hidden Ammunition

The following locations behind and within the police station in the first scenario contain hidden ammunition caches: Alleyway past the stairs of the gunshop Turn towards the trashcans opposite the blue dumpster and search them for hand gun bullets. Alleyway past the basketball court Go past the zombie-filled basketball court until you find a van. Search the back of the van and to receive hand gun bullets. Dark Room Search the filing cabinet along the wall (next to the storage box) for hand gun bullets. S.T.A.R.S. office Check behind the "trashed" desk for hand gun bullets. Hall with the stairs to the basement Search the mop bucket leaning against the metal shelves behind the stairs. Night Watchman's bunk room With Leon, search the lockers for shotgun shells. Briefing room (with the chalkboard) Using Leon, go to the room where the red jewel was hidden in the painting and search around the middle of the junk pile of art at the far end of the room. The hall with the crows Search the man "that was pecked to death" twice for hand gun bullets. The hall behind the main R.P.D. police office (with the safe) Look for an unmoving zombie lying face-up on the floor and search it for hand gun bullets. The hall with the filing room (near the beginning of the police station stage) Check the dead zombie lying on the floor. Filing room (with the two sided filing lockers in the middle) Using Leon, check the middle filing cabinets for shotgun shells. Party room (with the last surviving police officer) Search the cabinet where you talked to the last surviving police officer. Statue with second red ruby Have Leon or Claire search behind the statue with the second red ruby.

Mixing Herb Power-ups

The herb power-ups can be mixed using the "combine" command for varying, but very beneficial results. This will also save storage space for holding puzzle items. Here is a listing of some herbal combinations and the outcomes: 1 green herb + 1 green herb = 60% health recovery 1 green herb + 1 blue herb = 20% health recovery and poison antidote 1 green herb + 1 red herb = Full health recovery 3 green herbs combined = Full health recovery 1 green herb + 1 red herb + 1 blue herb (in that order) = Cure-all (full health recovery and poison antidote)

Ranking System

Normal difficulty Under 1 1/2 hours, no saves, no first aids, no mixed herbs, no infinite weapons = "S" 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 hours, 1-3 saves, 1-2 first aids, no infinite weapons = "A" 2 - 3 hours, 1-7 saves, 1-4 first aids, no infinite weapons = "B" 2 - 3 hours, 1-5 saves, 1-3 first aids, infinite weapons = "B" 3 - 4 1/2 hours, 1-7 saves, 1-7 first aids, no infinite weapons = "C" 3 - 4 hours, 1-7 saves, 1-6 first aids, infinite weapons = "C" 4 1/2 hours or higher, 7 saves or higher, 6 first aids or higher, no infinite weapons = "D" 4 1/2 hours or higher, 8 saves or higher, 6 first aids or higher, infinite weapons = "D" Easy difficulty Under 2 hours, 1-3 saves, 1-2 first aids, no infinite weapons = "A" 2 - 2 1/2 hours, 1-3 saves, 1-4 first aids, no infinite weapons = "B" 2 - 2 1/2 hours, 1-2 saves, 1-2 first aids, infinite weapons = "B" 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours, 1-8 saves, 1-5 first aids, no infinite weapons = "C" 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours, 1-6 saves, 1-4 first aids, infinite weapons = "C" 3 hours or higher, 9 saves or higher, 4 first aids or higher, no infinite weapons = "D" 3 hours or higher, 9 saves or higher, 5 first aids or higher, infinite weapons = "D"


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


Leon Scenario 2 Guide

Last updated: September 6, 2001 by Brett "Nemesis" Franklin

Strategy Guide

Last updated: August 28, 2001 by limp


Last updated: January 12, 2001 by Mecha Mr Ed.


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