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As a brave, self-confident warrior who saved Faranga from raging Fire Titans / Years pass and now there's a new menace to conquer.
Many horrible years have passed since the Gods abandoned the world and the titans rose from the confines of their prisons. They devastated everything in their path with unstoppable force.
However, there is a place on the southern tip of the Old Empire, which still seems safe from the clutches of the Titans - the “Crystal Fortress" in Caldera. It is the headquarters of the Inquisition and a place of refuge for the people. It is repeatedly attacked by sea monsters, and supply ships are sunk en route. Nobody knows how long the walls will hold; food and weapons are gradually running out. The nameless hero, devastated by the developments on Faranga, now drowns his sorrows in rum in the harbour town Caldera. As the situation grows more and more dire due to the shortage of food, he sets out on a mission to put an end to the sea monsters once and for all.
During his adventurous journey he not only faces new and immense challenges, he also meets old acquaintances who help him on his quest.
You are a brave, self-confident warrior. Misunderstood by the world, yet prepared for any danger. You fled your native island of Gaurus some time ago, but fate intervened and the sea devoured your boat. It flushed you out onto a small island named Faranga, where you freed the inhabitants from the raging Fire Titans.
After the events on Faranga there was not much that you could do. Alone, in a world without hope, you joined the Inquisition and fled the Titans with them. You had every hope that you could evade the Titans.
However, with your armor and your weapons lying at the bottom of the ocean, you have failed to find any peace. You realize that you cannot shun your responsibilities. You were the one who defeated the Titan on Faranga and it is you who must give the people fresh hope.

Risen 2: Dark Waters is a Role-Playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG video game for PC developed by Piranha Bytes and published by Deep Silver on April 24, 2012. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Test Mode Cheats

Anytime during play, type in "pommes" (you won't see anything on the screen, just type it). A map will quickly show up on the screen and then disappear. After you unlock Test Mode, you can press the tilde key (~) to open the console window. Once it's open, you can type in the following codes:

  • give_It Gold XXX
    Where "XXX" is how much gold to give.

  • To get a full list of available commands, just type "list" and hit enter.




    DLC Steam Achievements: Treasure Isle

  • Alligator Jack (20) : Killed all alligators on Treasure Isle
  • Exterminator (30) : Killed all gargoyles and gave their eggs to Eldric
  • Grave Robber (20) : Opened every deadly chest once
  • Long John Silver (10) : Set course for Treasure Isle for the first time
  • Robinson Crusoe (10) : 'The Marooned Sailor' completed
  • Templar (10) : 'The Air Temple' completed
  • Steam Achievements

  • All-Rounder : Learned each skill once
  • Alligator Jack : Killed all alligators on Treasure Isle
  • Artefact Hunter : 'Steelbeard's Artefact' completed
  • Bane of the Beasts : Killed 500 monsters
  • Beginner : Killed 10 monsters
  • Big Game Hunter : Killed 2000 monsters
  • Birdbrain : Used parrot 5 times
  • Blademaster : Learned everything about blades
  • Bookworm : 'Following Garcia's Trail' completed
  • Captain : 'A New Ship' completed
  • Cash Cow : Acquired 100,000 gold
  • Cheese Knife : 'The Cunning Captain' completed
  • Crab Catcher : Killed 10 giant crabs
  • Crack Shot : Hit 10 times in one game in the shooting mini-game
  • Deep Sea Fisherman : Killed 50 sea monsters
  • Detective : 'Garcia's Masquerade Uncovered' completed
  • Digger : Dug up 50 treasures
  • Drunkard : Won drinking duel mini-game 10 times
  • Exterminator : Killed all gargoyles and gave their eggs to Eldric
  • Friend of the Gnomes : 'The Gnome Eater' completed
  • Ghost Pirate : 'The Journey to the Underworld' completed
  • Grave Robber : Opened every deadly chest once
  • Gunslinger : Learned everything about firearms
  • Harpooner : 'The Titan Weapon' completed
  • He Really Exists! : 'Find Steelbeard' completed
  • Just a little tipple... : Drank first rum
  • Kleptomaniac : Picked 100 locks
  • Knight in Shining Armour : 'Rescue Patty!' completed
  • Legendary Hero : Collected 20 legendary items
  • Liberator : 'Free Hawkins' completed
  • Long John Silver : Set course for Treasure Isle for the first time
  • Lord of the Tentacle : 'Defeat the Kraken' completed
  • Made of Money : Acquired 300,000 gold
  • Monkey Dance : Used monkey 20 times
  • Mr Industrious : Completed 250 quests
  • Necromancer : 'The Split Soul' completed
  • Pet Cemetery : Killed 20 ambient animals
  • Pirate : 'Become a Pirate' completed
  • Pirate with Muskets : 'Four Muskets against Crow' completed
  • Protector : Won duel against Severin
  • Provisions Master : 'Ship's Equipment' completed
  • Robinson Crusoe : 'The Marooned Sailor' completed
  • Rogue : Learned everything about cunning
  • Seafarer : Travelled by ship 20 times
  • Skinflint : Acquired 1000 gold
  • Storyteller : Collected 10 legendary items
  • Templar : 'The Air Temple' completed
  • The Curse Is Broken! : 'Kill Mara' completed
  • The Hand of God : 'The Greedy Captain' completed
  • The Right Hand : 'Chaka Datu's Legacy' completed
  • Tough Bastard : Learned everything about toughness
  • Tour Guide : At least 5 crew members on the ship
  • Treasure Hunter : Found first treasure in the game
  • Tub Captain : 'Build a Raft' completed
  • Voodoo Pirate : 'The Ancestors' Blessing' completed
  • Voodoo Wizard : Learned everything about voodoo

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