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Let the sparks fly as you battle it out with your own robots in the arena! Better still, you get to design the robots yourself from chassis up. Opt for mobile, wedge-shaped designs, or more heavily armoured warhorses, equipped with rams, hammers, spikes and circular saws. The excitement never stops, as you face up to different opponents each time in seven different combat arenas, complete with lethal hazards and traps.

Robot Arena is an Action/Combat video game for PC developed by Infogrames Entertainment and published by Wizard Works. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Robot Arena were added December 11, 2004.




New Items

Rename your bot as "cheatbot" 4 easy new items!


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs



To make a bot that is overweight all you have to do is add the armor last. By doing that your bot can be alot heavier (That is if your bot isn't already too heavy).


First go to the bot lab and Say you want to make a bot then when your in that place press $ and your Money will turn to $5000 But only use it once untill you get $4000 or lower.

Easy Money

First, start out by building a really cheap but quick bot. (Don't spend all of your money building it.) Second, choose custom challenge and choose the first arena, the Rio de something or whatever. Finally, face the executioner and drive around a hazard and avoid being touched by either the hazard or the opposing bot and if you do, you should win the match and double your money. (keep doing this until you earn over $10,000 so that when you actually try to hurt someone you can repair yourself.)

$50,000 Free

At build robot screen, press shift + 4 and you will get $50,000 FREE!


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