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Rockman Dash 2 is a video game for PlayStation developed and published by Unknown. It has an unknown or pending rating from the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Rockman Dash 2 were added September 8, 2001.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Elysium Residential Area: Path Through The Light

On the beginning Island, you will see some portals open and some closed. Look at your mini-display-map at the top-left side of the screen and go to the portal until you on the map (the blue arrow) is pointing as close to directly up as possible. Enter that portal. Point the blue arrow on the map again and go up. There should be a flaming Reaverbot or two walking around. Defeat the bot(s) and point the arrow on the map right. More Reaverbots will be on this island. Take another right. Now go downward. There should be three Reaverbots marching around. Now, turn left and that should be the end of your trek. Go inside the building to save.

Getting The Cleated Shoes

Complete the Train level then go back through the train's entrance. You should run to an area with one box and will get the Spike Chip.

Getting The Drill Arm

Get the Heavy Gear from the box to the right of the Sulfur-Bottom when you head to Bluecher. It is directly in front of the door to the right. You also need the Blunted Drill from the pottery barrels to the right of the building next to the ruin with the first key.

Jet Skates/Hydrojets

While skating, hold Up to increase or Down to decrease the speed. Press L1 to for a medium left turn or R1 for a medium right turn. Hold Down + Left + L1 for extreme left cornering and Down + Right + R1 for extreme right cornering.

Rapid Fire

Hold Square and rapidly press Forward. This is very helpful in acquiring the Class S License, against the time consuming purple things. One disadvantage is that you will have difficulty dodging against the fast ones. However, overall this is very good against slow and immobile ones. You will not need to upgrade your energy and rapid after learning this.

Side Roll

Press R1 + Jump to roll to the right or L2 + Jump to roll to the left. This is the most useful way to evade an enemy's attack.

Getting Concealed Zenny

Zenny may get stuck in the wall or on a mountain from time to time. To get the Zenny (Refractor Crystals) off the wall or side surface, simply stand next to it and jump. The Zenny will fall off the wall and you will land on top of it.

Hard And Easy Modes

After completing the game in normal mode, both hard and easy modes will be unlocked. In easy mode, you do not need to bother updating your digging license; your first license will allow you to go into all ruins. Additionally, the lady at the Digger's Guild will not let you take the test. Also, Zenny found when destroying Reaverbots are worth more, while shop prices are less and Bosses are easier.


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