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Fight epic battles as Sanada Yukimura, one of Japan s most famous samurai, to unite the country! Sanada s journey will take him to the hallowed Japanese battlefields of Okehazama and Kawanakajima and inside the embattled walls of Osaka Castle where he will come face-to-face with gun-toting troops, echelons of ninja, and deadly kunoichi female ninja. When the political power of the Ashikaga Shogunate collapsed in the succession dispute of 1467, the islands of Japan erupted in a series of major wars. This era in Japanese history became known as the Sengoku or "warring states" period. SAMURAI WARRIORS explores this dramatic era and combines it with the Tactical Action excitement KOEI has become known for. Players can choose the role of Sanada Yukimura or other legendary samurai and ninja. The game will herald the rise of the indispensable ninja, Hattori Hanzo, from the shadows of history, as well as the reemergence of KOEI s powerful and mysterious Oda Nobunaga. SAMURAI WARRIORS boasts several new developments. Among them, the new AMS active mission system triggers a distinct mission during each battle. To accept or decline the mission is up to the player. Missions evolve depending on player performance and the tide of battle. Success or failure can affect scenarios in later stages. With 500 variations, the chain of missionsis unique with each play, adding depth while heightening the urgency and excitement of combat. Samurai Warriors AFS auto-formation system randomly generates castle levels and conquest routes offering a new experience with each play.

Samurai Warriors is a Fighting/3D Fighting video game for Xbox developed by Omega Force and published by Koei Corp on July 13, 2004. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 5 of our users have voted it 5.0 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Samurai Warriors were added September 7, 2004. We also have the game available on PlayStation 2, in addition to Xbox.




Power Names Of Characters

First, create a new general and give him one of the following names for the desired stat increase: First the name, then bonuses.



Sword, Naginata, Horse and Archery

Sword Attack Power 

Spear, Naginata

Sword and Spear Attack Power


Spear Attack, Defense

Sword and Horse Attack Power


Sword, Spear and Horse

Sword, Spear 

Spear, Horse and Archery 

Sword, Spear

Sword, Spear 

Spear Attack and Ranged Defense 

Jumping, Speed and Archery 



Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Death Element

Equip all 5 books and you will receive the Death Element for your weapon. A book is dropped by the boss of every 6th floor in the Abyss. You cannot get one book and restart, since the same book is dropped by the same boss every 6th floor. To get all of the books you need to get to the 30th sub level and win. To earn the 5th book, you must face Lu Bu in the Abyss.

Fight Lu Bu

Lu Bu, a character from Dynasty Warriors, can be found by reaching the 30th sub- level in Survivor Mode's Abyss. His position on the 30th floor is marked as a blue square on the map.

Unlock Shingen

Beat Sanada's campaign.

Unlock Ranmaru Mori

Beat Mitsuhide Akechi's campaign.

Unlock Okuni

Beat Keiji Maeda's campaign.

Unlock Noh

Beat Ranmaru Mori's campaign.

Unlock Nobunaga Oda

Beat Oichi's, Noh's and Magoichi's campaigns.

Unlock Masamune Date

Clear any two Story Modes.

Unlock Magoichi

Beat any campaign.

Unlock Kunoichi

Beat Hanzo Hattori's and Shingen's campaigns.

Unlock Keicha Maeda

In Kenshin Uesugi's story mode, at the Siege of Gifu, do not eliminate Keiji. Then beat the whole game.

Unlock Goemon

Beat Okuni's campaign.

Unlock Extra: Use Death On Weapons

Find every volume of The Book of Five Rings.


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