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Harry and his daughter Cheryl are heading to small resort town when they get into a car accident. After coming to, Harry realizes that his daughter is missing, and the town's streets are completely deserted. Guide Harry as he explores the town to find his daughter and discover what is going on in this strange community. If you enjoy survival horror games, then this is right up your alley. Will he and Cheryl be able to survive and escape the town in SILENT HILL?

Silent Hill is an Action/Survival Horror video game for PlayStation developed and published by Konami on February 15, 1999. It's rated Mature by the ESRB and 22 of our users have voted it 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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Ammunition Pickup X3

In order to get triple ammo pickup. You must beat the game twice and get a good ending after you do that go to your option screen and press all top buttons (R1, R2, L1, L2.) After you do that go to the bullet option and not only will you have ammo x2 but you will now have ammo x3.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


The Keys

When you (as Harry) head for the ally where his daughter was you will find a note that says "to school" That mean that She's at the school. To get to the school go to "levin st" search for a dog house, there you will find a key for the house. The back door has three keys, find the three keys, and use it for the back door of the house, that will lead you to "midwhich st" & you will be able to go to the school.

Get Alternate Beginning Movie

This hint is easy first you beat the game and get the best ending the good+ ending and then you save the next fear. After this watch the beginning movie and you will notice in the beginning of the movie when harry mason finds cherry in the grave yard instead of him being with his wife he will be with cybil. (Note: When you beat the game with the good+ you will see why cybil took place of Harry's wife).

Get The Rock Drill

In order to get the rock drill you must beat the game with a good ending And then save the next fear when you see your rating you should see a picture of a gas can and the rock drill. After that you start the next fear and you go to the gas station and get the gas can. Then you go to the bridge control tower and instead of going up the stairs you go in the door at the bottom of the tower and check the room very well and you will find the rock drill. When you get it you combine the gas with the rock drill and you will now be able to use the rock drill.

Get Hyperblaster

Beat the game and get the UFO ending. To do this, use the channeling stone in the following places: the rooftop of the "other school", the courtyard of the "other hospital" before you fight the moth, the parking lot of the motel, the cabin of the boat, and the roof of the lighthouse. When you continue with your gold next fear save, you will have the hyperblaster.

Bathroom Teleporters In School

Enter and exit the girl's bathroom in the second part of the school (through the clock tower). The game will transport your character to the second floor bathroom, which is closed off (along with the men's second floor bathroom) from the rest of the second floor hallway. There are two boxes of handgun ammunition and one box of shotgun shells in the second floor men's bathroom. After collecting them, enter and exit the girl's bathroom on that floor to return to the first floor.


Complete the game with the good ending to receive the katana. Save, then begin the game again. Play through until reaching the first house that was entered in old Silent Hill. Go to the door that was previously locked in the hallway to find the katana. Completing the game with the good ending will also allow access to the channeling stone.

Unlocking The Grim Reaper's Door

To unlock the Grim Reapers door in "nowhere", type ALERT on the panel next to the door.

Extra Options

Enter the "Option" screen from the main menu or item screen and press L1, L2, R1, 
or R2. Then an "Extra Options" menu will appear with the following options:

Weapon Control: Press/Switch
Blood Color: Normal/Green/Violet/Black
View Control: Normal/Reverse
Retreat Turn: Normal/Reverse
Walk/Run Control: Normal/Reverse
Auto Aiming: On/Off

Successfully complete the game once and save. Then, load the saved game and enter 
the "Option" screen from the main menu or item screen and press L1, L2, R1, or 
R2. Then an "Expand Option" menu will appear with two new options:

View Mode: Normal/Self
Bullet Adjust: x1/x2


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Strategy Guide

Last updated: January 12, 2001 by Rura Penthe

Speed Guide

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