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It�s been five long years since your mysterious disappearance from the skate scene, and much has changed in the wake of �the disaster-too-gnarly-to-be-named.� The massive devastation left large swaths of San Vanelona completely destroyed. After the mass evacuation, one company, Mongocorp, won the bid to rebuild New San Vanelona and their zealous protection of their private property has put a damper on the once thriving skate population. Your mission is to rebuild your career and revive the New San Van skate scene. To help you get the job done, you�ll have double the tricks and the new ability to get off your board to move stuff and create the sickest lines. There�s even a crew of locals you can call on to help take care of business. Skate 2�it�s time to take back the city � one spot at a time.

Skate 2 is a Sports/Skateboarding video game for Xbox 360 developed and published by Electronic Arts on March 3, 2009. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 143 of our users have voted it 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Skate 2 were added October 25, 2010. We also have the game available on PlayStation 3, in addition to Xbox 360.




Turn On 3-D Mode

Enter the cheat code: strangeloops

Unlock Big Black

Enter: letsdowork on the extras menu to play as Big Black.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Going Home Glitch

First you go to a house 2 stories or lower. If you go to a higher house it won't work. Now do the no-comply glitch or the ollie glitch if you would say it like that. NOTE:THIS MAY TAKE A FEW TRIES. NOTE:IF YOU DO THIS ON A 1 STORY HOUSE YOU CAN'T GET OUT EASILY. If you go on a 2 story house you might fall off the map, stand on the 2 floor, or stand on the roof with your legs going through for a small amount of time then you bail.

80,000 Points Trick

Ok guys, put the cheat letsdowork and it will unlock Big Black then go to the place where there are the huge ramps start going down and do the cannon ball and he will bounce far.

Funny Glitch

When you are on your board press y and the press RT - you should throw your board, now jump, hold RT and press y repeatedly. Sometimes it wont work but when it does it is pretty funny.

Fling Glitch

When you are in the game Pull and hold one trigger till you are almost grabbing the board. Then YOU MUST PUSH MONGO depending on the trigger you held down! As soon as you push the button immediately ollie while holding the trigger! If you did it right you will fling out of control and into the air!

Olie Glitch

How to do this glitch is kinda hard so don't get frustrated. You hold down RT or LT so your not grabbing the board, quickly press A and do an olie at the same time. This glitch is very good for hall of meat challenges, (especially online. ).

No-comply Glitch

First you must be in regular stance for this to work, and you must be completely still. First you crouch down enough to where you almost grab your board but don't. Now you have to do a no-comply while crouching by hitting X and quickly Ollie-ing. If you do it write you will be sprung in the air spinning.

Freakout Glitch

First you need to do a Ollie and do a double grab, then in the air you let go of the left trigger and immediately hit B and you will spin around uncontrollably. Note:you wont spin around wildly sometimes but you randomly fall in the air.

Anyone Else Achievement

Find the object used in the battle at the Lighthouse Park. Go west, and find the big blue bench. Drag it over, and position it lengthwise so that it is out of your way. Start the Throwdown, and choose the other skaters. Select the Lighthouse as the venue. Your opponents will bail because of the bench. Execute double or triple kickflips. The pros cannot copy them.

Pop Up Glitch

This must be done on flat ground and away from edges. Pump once or twice and press Y and wait for a complete stop and press Y again and quickly pres and hold down LT+RT+B and you should be about 50 feet in the air.




Unlockable Locations

S.V. Dam Complete all the Thrasher Mag challenges to drain the dam.
GvR Plaza Complete all Street Challenges to unlock the Etnies GvR Plaza.
S.V. Stadium Complete all Tranny Contests to unlock the S.V. Mega-Ramp Stadium.
Monster Skate Park Get Sponsored and complete Team Film Challenges until you get a demo sesh with Rob Drydek, After completing this earn $200,000 to buy the park.
Training Park Complete all Team Film Challenges to unlock the Training Park.
S.V. Summit Complete all the Death Races to unlock the peak of Cougar Mountain.


On Top Of The World (20) Perform an invert on one of the highest points in the city in career mode
Skater Evolved (5) Get off your board in career mode
I Like To Move It (5) Move your first object in career mode
That's the Way (20) Beat all of Danny Way's film challenges
GVR Champ (20) Win the GVR Contest
Big Air Champ (50) Win the San Van-a-Slamma
Still Alive? (5) Win a Deathrace in career mode
Race Hero (20) Win all races in career mode
Where's my TV show? (20) Beat all Rob Dyrdek challenges
SBM Cover (30) Get the cover of The Skateboard Mag
Thrasher Cover (30) Get the cover of Thrasher
Meet Slappy (5) Meet Slappy
How you like them apples? (20) Acquire all phone numbers for the pros
Anyone Else? (20) Beat all the pros at Throwdown challenges
New San Van Hero (20) Call Mikey 10 times
Perfectionist (50) Complete all paths in career mode
Pull the Plug (15) Drain every pool and fountain in career mode
Real Estate Mogul (50) Purchase all property in career mode
Spare Parts (50) All Hall Of Meat paths complete
Fully Sponsored (50) Obtain all sponsorships
Urban Legend Too (40) Own all spots in career mode
The Architect (5) Upload a created spot
The Critic (10) Rate 10 community videos and photos
Pwn some n00bs (15) Win an online ranked match
Active Skater (20) Successfully complete all online freeskate activities with your created skater
Online Legend (50) Achieve Legend Rank Online
Online Pro (25) Achieve Pro Rank Online
Amateur Skater (15) Achieve Amateur Rank Online
Graphically Extreme (5) Add a custom graphic to your skater
Dethrowned (20) Download and own a community-created spot
Skater's Choice (20) Win the Skater's choice award in an online ranked match
Juggling Chainsaws (20) Wipeout at high speed in career mode
Skitched Up (5) Skitch for 1000 meters or 3000 feet in career mode
Make it Big! (15) Use Big Black's service 10 times in Career Mode
Running Man (5) Escape a chase off board in career mode
DIY (35) Spend 30 minutes moving objects in career mode
Good Samaritan (20) Knock down a security guard chasing another skater in career mode
Need for Speed (50) Maintain maximum speed for 5 seconds in career mode
Sandbag (20) Break at least 15 bones in a single wipeout in career mode
Gender Bender (5) Change your skater's gender
Grasshopper (20) Perform one grass gap of at least 10 meters or 30 feet in career mode
Stairmaster (20) Perform one stair gap of at least 12 meters or 36 feet in career mode
Uninsurable (20) Break 100 bones in career mode
Playing Nice Together (5) Complete your first online freeskate activity with your created skater
Cooperation is key (10) Complete 50 online freeskate activities with your created skater
Taste The Mongo (20) Mongo Push 5000 times in career mode
Film School Dropout (25) Complete all film and photo challenges at Oliver Elementary
Parking Lot Attendant (25) Complete all film and photo challenges at the Parkade
Center of Attention (25) Complete all film challenges at the Community Center
Best in Class (25) Win the Best Trick Contest at Oliver Elementary
Best Trick Valet (25) Win the Best Trick Contest at the Parkade
Community Jammer (25) Win the Jam Contest at the Community Center
A Budding Star (25) Complete all film challenges at Rob's Fantasy Factory
Jam Fantasy (25) Win the Jam Contest at Rob's Fantasy Factory
Skylight Superstar (25) Drop into Rob's plaza through the skylight
No Hard Hat Required (25) Touch the top of the contstruction full-pipe
#1 Maloof Goof (100) Win the Maloof Money Cup street contest
Vert Vertigo (100) Win the Maloof Money Cup vert contest
BOOM Goes The Dynamite (25) Ride out the left camera crane
Pitch a Tent (25) Get on top of the tent in the half-pipe

Play As Dem Bonez

Successfully complete all the Hall Of Meat objectives in Career mode to unlock Dem Bonez in Freeskate and Party Play modes.

Unlock Legend Crown

To unlock the Legend Crown, reach Legend Level in online play.

Achievement: Juggling Chainsaws

First, go to Cougar Mountain. If you already went there and don't feel like climbing it again just go to Start-Challenges-Landmarks-Cougar Mountain-Teleport. Then once there, hold the X button until your character kicks three times then hold on tight! Also you can get an achievement if you go maximum speed for at least five seconds!


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