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Sky Gunner is a Simulation/Flight Combat Sim video game for PlayStation 2 developed and published by Atlus Software on June 25, 2002. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Unlock Everything

At the title screen hold L1 and R1 and press Circle, Square, Up, Circle, Triangle, Down.

Lock Frame Rate

At the title screen, press Up, Triangle, Left, Circle, Down, X, Right, Square to unlock an option to set the processing mode (frame rate) to variable or uniform.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Destroying The Battleship

On the last level, when you have the opportunity to destroy the big battleship piece by piece, at the part where you have to destroy the long road to the museum, there are guns on each edge of the bridge. If you destroy the top part in the corner, it would be chained, and dropped to the bottom part, which would be a double chain of nine and ten for each side. This results in a lot of money, and there are six of them. At the sides of the battleship, there is a pumpkin. If you shoot until the life is all gone, it will roll to the edge destroying some fireworks, giving you a lot of money. On the other edge there may be some guns that will also give a chain. Sometimes they are not there -- it may vary depending on character. You can waste a lot of fuel trying to get all of the bonuses. Watch much fuel you have as you collect them. The last Boss is difficult to destroy, unless you are playing as Copain.

Album Option

Successfully complete the game as any character.

Easy Points

It is very difficult to score higher than the CPU. To do this, do as many chains as possible, and to do other players' work if you are done with your own. Missions are very important. For example, in level 4, when you face the old castle, try to get rid of the airplanes quickly if you are Ciel or Femme; quickly destroy the turrets that requires a chain to do so because they give you lots of money.

Time Attack Option

Successfully complete the game as Ciel with the top money rank.

Survival Mode Option

Successfully complete the game as Copain with the top money rank.

Scene Select Option

Successfully complete the game with all four characters.

Camera Option

Successfully complete the game with an "SS" rank.

Play As Rival

Successfully complete the game as Ciel without losing to Rival.

Play As Hardi

Successfully complete the game as Copain and Ciel with the top money rank as those characters. Then, successfully complete the game as Rival to unlock Hardi in survival and time attack mode.

Play As Copain

Successfully complete the game as Femme.


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