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Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed offers 29 different playable characters from popular Sega franchises facing off in a fast and fun kart racer. In this release, though, the karts can switch between car, boat and plane modes to tackle different parts of the track. At, we are constantly updating our database of hints, cheats, tips, and guides so you can get even more out of the game.

The huge variety of tracks and racers opens up a lot of possibilities, and these guides will make sure you don't miss anything. We have a dedicated staff and community that help validate the information we offer here, so you can cruise around the tracks and make sure you know all the real shortcuts.

Our Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed cheats and strategy guides let you play the game the way you want. Take a look at our current list and keep checking back for more as we collect even more hints and tips.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is a Racing/Miscellaneous Racing video game for Nintendo Wii U developed by Sumo Digital and published by Sega on November 18, 2012. It's rated Everyone-10 by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed were added February 12, 2013. We also have the game available on Nintendo 3DS, in addition to Wii U.




Unlockable Characters

  • Automatically unlocked on December 25, 2012. : Alex Kidd
  • Win all five standard Grand Prix cups. : Mii
  • Win all five mirrored Grand Prix cups. : Doctor Eggman
  • World Tour Mode: Sunshine Coast - Win Studio Scrapes (Versus) and then purchase for 8 stars. : Amigo
  • World Tour Mode: Frozen Valley - Win Pirate Plunder (Race) and then purchase for 16 stars. : Danica Patrick
  • World Tour Mode: Frozen Valley - Win Seaside Scrap (Versus) and then purchase for 35 stars. : Shadow the Hedgehog
  • World Tour Mode: Scorching Skies - Win Rogue Rings (Ring Race) and then purchase for 30 stars. : Vyse
  • World Tour Mode: Scorching Skies - Win Carrier Crisis (Sprint) and purchase for 80 stars. : NiGHTS
  • World Tour Mode: Twilight Engine - Win Shinobi Showdown (Versus) and purchase for 85 stars. : Joe Musashi
  • World Tour Mode: Twilight Engine - Win Hatcher Hustle (Sprint) and purchase for 50 stars. : Pudding
  • World Tour Mode: Moonlight Park - Win Jet Set Jaunt (Boost Challenge) and purchase for 105 stars. : Gum
  • World Tour Mode: Moonlight Park - Win Molten Mayhem (Ring Race) and purchase for 120 stars. : Gilius Thunderhead
  • World Tour Mode: Superstar Showdown - Win Nightmare Meander (Ring Race) and purchase for 160 stars. : Reala
  • World Tour Mode: Superstar Showdown - Win Ranger Rush (Sprint) and purchase for 165 stars. : AGES
  • Unlock GP Mirrored Cups

    Just win all 5 standard Grand Prix cups, you unlock the Mirrored Cup.

    Unlock Expert Mode

    If you can win 5 mirrored Grand Prix winner cups, you will then unlock "Expert Difficulty" mode.


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