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Speedpower Gunbike is a video game for PlayStation developed and published by Unknown. It has an unknown or pending rating from the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Speedpower Gunbike were added January 26, 2001.




Super Power Dash

Achieve a G Power level of one or more. Morph into robot form. Then, press Up(3), Triangle. Now hold X to move faster and the D-pad to steer.

Shoot Weapon

Hold Circle and press Triangle. Move Left or Right to aim, then release Circle button to shoot.

Power Dash

While in bike or rally mode, press Square to morph into robot form. Then, press Down, Up.


Hold Circle and press X.


Hold Circle and press X to jump, then press and hold X again. Press Up(2), X, then press and hold X again while hovering to move. Press Up or Down when moving to control your direction.

Bonus Weapon

Achieve a G Power level of one or more. Then in bike mode, press Up, Down, Triangle.


Hold Down and press X.

Activate Shields

Hold Circle.


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