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Spider is a video game for PlayStation developed and published by Unknown. It has an unknown or pending rating from the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Spider were added December 12, 2001.




Access All Level

Enter "Y7KB3 YIWI 6QF3Q S7QCI" as a password.

Shrink To A Flea

Pause the game and press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle. The spider will shrink to almost nothing.

Refill Weapons And Energy

Pause the game and press Triangle, X(3), Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle.

Level Passwords

Location		Password


Lab floor		1FMLC939GPR8F3BF7KT1
Lab top		86MLC939GPR8F3VFQ5S4
Seventies room	FW1MC939GPR8F3BF7KT1

Boxes		FW1MC939GPR8F336DTTS3
Conveyor belts	BSRMC939GPR8F3VTKKT1
Machine room	WDRQC939GPR8F3LM8S95
Tubes		8WV5L939GPR8F36DTTS3
Mechanical arm Boss	8WV5L939GPR8F3G1QJB4

Down the street	9WV5L939GPR8F3LRT6S4
Side of building	6SXXS939GPR8F3LRT6S4
Park		W9PNT839GPR8F3B9LVS3
Under the street	N7KB3Y19GPR8F3V95HR5
Along the street	N7KB3Y19GPR8F3GGK4T3

Display cases	P7KB3Y19GPR8F3BPFGC3
Volcano		G7KB3Y11GPR8F3BPFGC3
Dinosaur bones	H7KB3Y1QFPR8F3QXSDS4
Model city		J7KB3Y1GWPR8F31766D1
Temple		K7KB3Y1B15S8F3QXSDS4
Museum Boss	K7KB3Y1B15S8F3BTQBB4

Wells		V7KB3Y1B15S8F3QS7QC1
Along The sewer	W7KB3Y1VBVP8F3LC1M95
Food carton		X7KB3Y1VLN7BF31CH1C3
Up the well		Y7KB3Y1VV16QF3QS7QC1
Evil Lab

Circuit boards	Q7KB3Y1LDRTQD3LCQSR3
Lab top		R7KB3Y118H56T1WTY4R4
Hard drives		S7KB3Y118H56T1TCQSR3
Brian's folly		T7KB3Y118H56T1FNY4R4
On the ceiling	T7KB3Y118H56T1TC4LD1
Kip's bonus		68KB3Y118H56T151P6C4
Brain Boss		68KB3Y118H56T1TMVM35


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Get A Extra Life

Collect 100 DNA strands to get a extra life.


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