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In the near future, military unrest runs rampant and you've just been promoted to chief pilot! Your weapon? The state-of-the-art, tactical battle-mech known as the Vertical Tank VT. It's the most evolved, hi-powered form of military weapon ever created. To succeed, you will master the integrated control interface in the most realistic battle-mech simulator ever created for the home. Steel Battalion includes a 40 button, cockpit simulator to pilot your VT into battle and on to victory. Designed specifically for the power of the Xbox, Steel Battalion propels you into the world of hi-tech robot battles in the middle of a massive military coup. The success of every mission lies in your hands.

Steel Battalion is an Action/Adventure video game for Xbox published by Capcom on November 22, 2002. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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All VT's And Maps In Free Mission Mode

At the title screen, place your tuner dial to the 0 position (9 o'clock) then move the dial to 1,9,7,9,0,9,0,6. Leave the dial at each position for one second. If the code was done properly, you will hear a sound.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Get Back Up And Get Going!

This is a tip most likely for beginners. During your missions, you might encounter a time where you fall down on your back or on one of your sides. This is caused by going to fast or crashing into something at high speed. If this happens, DO NOT EJECT! Shift the gear into Neutral or Reverse and SLOWLY hit the acceleration pedal. This will bring you back up and you can continue your mission.

Get Rid Of HUD

Get to a rank of Lieutenant Colonel then during play press Start + Ignition

View Movies

Finish the game one time using normal difficulty and you will get the Movie Viewer option in the config menu

Get Desperado Difficulty Setting

Finish the game one time using the Veteran Difficulty

Pause The Game

Just unplug the controller during gameplay. Plug back in and press start to continue

Night Graphics

Finish mission 23 using veteran difficulty. Press Start + night Scope while the mission is loading to toggle between night and color modes

Full Screen Mode

Reach Lieutenant Colonel rank (550000 Command Points) to unlock this trick. Press Ignition and Start to remove the cockpit view and play in full screen mode.

Unlock Desperado Mode And Voice Select

To unlock the Desperado level of difficulity and unlock the voice select option in the config menu beat mission 23 on Veteran difficulity. The voice select will be avialable for Japanese voice mode only and will allow you to select two new voices for your player.

Unlock The Hidden Quasar VT

On mission 7 or 17: Enter the small room to your left as you enter the second floor of the enemy base, after you beat the defending VT inside you will find a VT- sized box with a switch in the back of the room. Inside is the Quasar VT. You'll receive a COM from Argus then the Quasar will be useable from the next mission.

Unlock The Juggernaut VT

Reach Colonel rank (800000 cpts) and the Juggernaut VT will be selectable.

Unlock The Rapier VT

Get ten decorations and the Rapier VT will be selectable


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Controller Information

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