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Capcom's legendary fighting game series meets the power of the PlayStation 2. Unbelievable graphics bring the Street Fighter characters alive in this amazing tag-team free-for-all.

Street Fighter EX 3 is a Fighting/3D Fighting video game for PlayStation 2 developed and published by Capcom on October 13, 2000. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 16 of our users have voted it 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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Hold R1+R2+L1+L2 then press Select and Start at the same time during someone's victory to quickly exit to the title screen.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Area's Taunt 2

L punch, L punch, fpword, L kick, L punch. Try this on other fighters to see if they have this taunt too. The only person I know that has a taunt is Skullomaina. Sakura and Vega might have on too.

Area's Taunt 1

For Area's first taunt push L punch, L punch, forward, L kick, H punch.

Jack's True Meteor Combo

When you select Jack as your character, try doing his meteor combo called "Homerun King"(quarter turn forward x2 + KKK). If you press any punch button at the right moment Jack swings his bat, he'll hit his opponent harder and further to another planet and back, taking three quarters of his opponents life bar instead of half.

Original Clothes

Have you noticed when you select your character, they don't have their original clothes when you press "X"? Well if you press square when choosing your fighter, they will have their original clothes. Also, when pressing "O" while you choose your fighter, they'll wear another set of clothes.

Vs. Bison II Mode

Beat Original Mode four times with Bison II and on any difficulty level. Once you do that, go to Arena Mode and one of your options reads Vs. Bison II, select that and you will battle Bison II himself where you can choose up to four fighters on your team(single player only). If one of your team fighters has been defeated, the next fighter will approach to fight. If one of your team fighters loses and Bison II doesn't have a full life bar, he will then heal himself a bit before the next team fighter is up for battle. The following order of team fighters goes: the 1st team fighter on the Character Select Screen you choose will be the leader of the team, which will fight last. The 2nd fighter you choose will be the 1st one to fight. The 3rd chosen fighter will fight 2nd and the last one you have chosen will fight 3rd. If your team leader is the only one left, your combo meter will be full. If you beat Bison II, your team leader will get all fame and glory and you have the option to battle again.


Vulcano Rosso's Canassa attack may seem like a simple hand-raise, but if you time it right, you can see what it can really do. If your opponent counter-attacks you from above, use your Canassa with the light-kick button and it will bring the attack back to him/her. If your opponent counter- attacks you while standing, use your Canassa with the medium-kick button to bring the attack back, but it makes the Canassa more powerful. It goes with the same for lower counter-attacks, instead attack with the Canassa with the hard-kick button and it again brings the attack back, but is worth the same damage as a grab. This also may also work with Hokuto's Gokyakuko and Nanase's Tenshou- Kon.


On the command list of a player that has moves to tell you to charge, like Bison for instance, press and hold the button(about two seconds) to press before the word charge on the command list appears and then finish the commands on that move to do it. It's different for Jack's Final Punch, it takes approximately about thirty seconds worth of charging to do it at maximum damage, but it's worth it.

Cheap Wins

Select any character who can fire energy blasts, waves, etc. Then fire your Hadouken, whatever repeatedly and if they block it, keep on firing. Your opponents will get so sick of your attack that he/she will jump over it, towards you, you then can do your special uppercut, Somersault Kick, etc.(any fighter can do special uppercuts if they have the ability to shoot energy blasts) and your opponent will be knocked on the ground (it only works on computers). Keep on doing that until your opponent is defeated. Not only is it cheap, but it raises your combo meter dramaticly. Another way is to keep on grabbing.

PPP's And KKK's

If you are capible of doing meteor combos but doesn't know how to punch or kick times three, this will help. I bet you were trying to do your meteor combo with punching or kicking three times fast, it doesn't work. To make it work, go to Key Config. on the pause menu and there you can customize the buttons. Pick any button you feel comfortable with punching or kicking times three and that's it, now check out meteor combos of your fighters you thought you never could do.

Special Throws

Some throws can be worth more damage by repeatedly pressing buttons. To get major damage of those throws without wearing your hands out, you need a controller with a turbo button, use it for all attack buttons and press and hold those buttons while your specific fighter grabs an opponent.

Beware Blockers

For fighters who block too much, you can throw them which they can't block.

Secret Super Combos

For Skullomania's super combos, there are two more super combos that is not on his command list. One of them is to press low-punch, low- punch, down, low-kick, high-punch. The other secret super combo is to press low-punch, low- punch, back, low-kick, high-punch. The 2nd super combo I told tou looks weird.


Hadoukens, Sonic Booms, Tigershots, etc. can be deflected. But only some fighters can. Use Jack's Batting Hero attack, Darun's Daikaku, or Vulcano's Regalo at the moment any energy blast comes toward you to deflect it away.

Fighting Bison II

In Original Mode on either normal or hard difficulty, you need to meet certain conditions to fight Bison II in the last stage. On normal when you reach the last stage, you need to use no continues, have a score over 500000 pts., and win all battles with a Finish Combo (Finishing off your opponent with both of your fighters at the same time), except on the 1st stage. On hard when you reach the last stage, you just need to use no continues.

Team Poses

On team battles, there are certain characters that pose together before battle. The following characters are: Ryu and Ken, Zangief and Durrun Miester.

Maniac Difficulty

In Character Edit Mode, you can unlock the Maniac difficulty when you beat enough trails in Normal and Hard difficulty. There are only three trails on Maniac, but they're ultra-hard and are at the S rank.


One of Ace's meteor Combos called Galaxy may have a cool name, but does only two simple punches. That move works best for collecting medals for doing a number of meteor combos, because of its little damage.


Some fighters can taunt by pressing the directional buttons 360 degrees and then punch. Taunts only work for Sakura, Shadow Giest, and Skullomania.

Blocking Throws

If you know your opponent is going to throw you, try to throw him/her at the moment your opponent is about to throw you. You will now see a message pop up saying Tech-Hit, your combo meter will now raise.

First Hits

At the start of the battle, if you hit your opponent first, you will see a message pop up saying F. Attack. Your combo meter will now raise dramatically depending on the move you did to your opponent.

Critical Parade

To make a Critical Parade work, it has to be a tag battle. First you need four combo gauges, two for each fighter. Once you have that, press a quarter rotation down-right-up with the directional buttons and change by pressing high punch, high kick at the same time and all in one command (this command is ment for fighters facing right), this could be used for any fighter. Then you will see the background change into a booming effect and both fighters on your team fighting at the same time with unlimited super combos for a certain amount of time(about 5 seconds).

Character Edit Mode Help 1

If you are playing the HARD trial on Character edit mode and you are having a hard time destroying all the enemies before 1 second, hears what ya need ta do. Get to the second set of moves given to you buy using my first cheat and save up about 600 EXP points. Then go to the last move and it should be NEKETSU HADOKEN. Buy that and put it as your meteor combo in the EDIT mode. Then go to that mission and you should be able to kill them within the time limit. And trust me, if you're not too good you won't get it on the first try so try and try again!

Get Your Partner

If you're having a hard time getting medals and you need your partner to do meteor tag combos all ya need ta do is beat the game with the person you are tring to get and re-start the orignal mode with that person's tag partner. Ther person you beat the game with before should pop up before you get to Sagat.

Play As Evil Ken

Beat the Arcade mode eight times without continueing and then at the character selection menu, highlight Ken and pres select.

Meteor Tags Combos

These combos can only be performed with certain combinations of characters. They require a Tag Gauge and a level 3 Super Combo Gauge. Here are some of the characters combinations with their moves. The commands are listed assuming the characters are facing to the right.

Tag Team: Zangief and Darun Mister

Character who performs the move: Any of them
Combo: A 360 Motion two times + KKK 

Tag Team: Ryu and Ken

Character who performs the move: Ken
Combo: Quarter Circle Back two times + PPP

Tag Team: Chun-Li and Guile

Character who performs the move: Guile
Combo: Hold Back (Charge), Forward, Back, Forward + PPP

Tag Team: Ryu and Sakura

Character who performs the move: Sakura
Combo: Low Punch, Low Punch, Back, Low Kick, High Punch

Tag Team: Nanase and Hokuto

Character who performs the move: Nanase
Combo: Low Punch, Low Punch, Back, Low Kick, High Punch

Tag Team: Kairi and Hokuto

Character who performs the move: Hokuto
Before you perform the command with her, you must do her Kakusei (Trance) first. 
The move is Quarter Circle Forward two times + K.
Combo: Low Punch, Low Punch, Back, Low Kick, High Punch

Tag Team: Blanka and Dhalsim

Character who performs the move: Blanka
Combo: Hold Back (charge), Forward, Back, Forward + PPP

Tag Team: Jack and Vulcano Rosso

Character who performs the move: Jack
Combo: Hold Back (charge), Forward, Back, Forward + PPP

Tag Team: Pullum Puruna and Darun Mister

Character who performs the move: Pullum Puruna
Combo: Quarter Circle Back two times + PPP

Bonus Characters

Successfully complete original mode with a regular character without continuing on the normal or hard difficulty setting to unlock one of the hidden characters. Another character will be unlocked each time the game is completed. Note: A different character must be used to complete the game to unlock a new hidden character.

Play As Narrator Sakura

Successfully complete original mode with Sakura eight times without continuing. Highlight Sakura, then press Select at the character selection screen.

Play As Bison II

Successfully complete original mode with M. Bison (Vega) eight times without continuing. Highlight M. Bison, then hold Select and press X, Square, or Circle at the character selection screen.

Play Against Shin-Bison

Complete all medal requirements then go to the Arena Mode and vs. Shin-Bison will be available. You can pick 4 characters to fight against him and he never runs out of super power.

Play As Evil Ryu

Successfully complete original mode with Ryu eight times without continuing. Highlight Ryu, then hold Select and press X, Square, or Circle at the character selection screen.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


The Basics

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Meteor Damage Data

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FAQ and Move List

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