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Rise from rookie driver to hero of the silver screen. Have you got what it takes? In the world of stunt driving, fear is failure. One slip and your Hollywood dreams are over. The higher you climb, the higher the stakes. Grip the wheel, hit the gas, chase the glory.

Stuntman is an Action/First-Person Action video game for PlayStation 2 developed by Atari Games and published by Infogrames on June 25, 2002. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 68 of our users have voted it 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Stuntman were added May 25, 2009. We also have the game available on Game Boy Advance, in addition to PS2.




Filmograghy Section (all Trainers)

Go to new game and put "fellA" with the "s

Unlock All Cars

Enter ChUmP as your name.

Unlock Driving Games Cars, Toys, And Filmography

At the career mode place were you enter your name, put BindI. You will unlock everything but the Movie Trailers.

Unlock All Cars

Enter ChUmP your name to unlock all cars

Unlock Cars, Filmography, Toys, And Driving Games

At the career mode place were you enter your name, put BindI. You will unlock everything but the Movie Trailers.

Unlock Filmography

At the main menu,choose stuntman career and select new game. Then enter feLLA.

All Toys

At the main menu, choose stuntman career and select new game. Then enter MeFf at the name screen.

All Driving Games

At the main menu, choose stuntman career and select new game. Then enter BindI at the name screen.

All Cars

At the main menu, choose stuntman career and select new game. Enter spiDER at the name screen.

Unlock FMV

Put in fellA for a case sensitive driver name

Unlock All Toys

Go to the "new name" menu and enter MeFf for a case sensitive driver name


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Skip Levels

If you are on a hard level, or your just lazy, to skip levels you have to play the level. If you fail instead of going to restart stunt go to view replay. Somewhere at the end keep pressing x really fast and I mean, REALLY FAST! If you do it right you should hear a sound or the screen will go black.

See A Picture Of The People Who Made Stuntman

This hint doesn't help you with anything in the game, but if you want to see a picture of the people who made Stuntman, at the main menu, select stunt (something) and go to the first stunt level (the one where you have to stop in the cones frontwards and backwards). Just ignore the cones and make a u-turn. Get on the road and head toward the starting line. When your near the starting line, drive onto it and aline with the station wall. Press L1 and a picture will show up showing the people who made Stuntman. You may have to drive closer to get it.

Stunt Jumps

When going off stunt jumps make sure you are going 60 mph or faster or else you will not make the jump.

Backwards Level

This hint needs to be unlocked by beating the first movie, Toothless in Wapping. Go to Driving Games at the Main Menu, go to speed tests, and choose London. After about halfway through the track, you'll find the level Safe Stealin' where you jump the getty. There will be a floating "s" in the jump. Get it and it will bring you back to the begining, but backwards.

Pick Up Speed

To pick up speed fast you have to hold the analog stick down while pressing the accelerator.

Vehicle List

1.Plymouth stuntman car 2.Capri 2.8ltr 3.Lancia 4.Bedford Van 5.British Cortina MK2 Police Car 6.Tow Truck 7.Capri Race Car 8.Dodge Charger USA 9.Shelby Mustang GT 10.Dodge Charger 11.Chevelle 12.Pickup 13.American Cop Car 14.Nissan Sylvia 15.Skyline GTR 16.Tuk Tuk 17.Animal control truck 18.Tuk Tuk Van 19.Bus 20.Snowmobile 21.Chevy Blazer 22.Honda Accord Aerodeck 23.Lancia Delta S4 Rally 24.Monster Truck 25.Mutt 26.German Staffcar 27.Bmw Army Motorbike & Sidecar 28.WW2 Armored Car 29.Jeep 30.GMC Army Truck 31.Aston Martin DB7 Coupe 32.Lotus Esprit 33.Fiat 500R 34.Bmw 3 Series 35.Lamborginhi Diablo 36.Ferrari 355 F1 Spider

Getting EVERY Car In The Game

To get every car in the game as well as all the toys you must get 100% on every stunt. I know, I know...It will not be easy but it IS possible. What I have done so far is...Pass all the stunts"Or most of them in my case" then go to Filmography,pick PLAY GAME on any movie you want,it will show you your percent on the screen somewhere. Pick 1 that you need 100% on and you will find that MOST of the stunts are now alot easier becuase you are alot better. The stunts that will still be kind of hard are the Conspiracy stunts, Live Twice Tommarow stunts and Tame The Train stunt for A Hoopin'and a Hallerin'.

Corkscrew Jump

Drive to the right side of the corkscrew jump in A Whoopin and A Hollerin to land on your wheels. You need 80% acuracy on this level and the jump counts for 25% so you can't mess up. If you don't land on your wheels, it will say TRY HARDER at the end.

Speed Boost

Press R1 when count down is on u get a burst of speed at the start.

To Do A Good Barrel Roll

To do a good barrel roll on the corkscrew in the movie A Whoopin and A Hollerin go to the left of the ramp(at the end). It should make you roll around in the air a few more times and you should land on your tires.


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Car List and cheat codes

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