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One broken down spaceship, five stupid invaders and a comedy of errors! After accidentally crashing into Earth, Etno and his alien pals find themselves on the run, to escape the clutches of an evil scientist, Dr. Sakarine, who collects aliens as a hobby. However, the aliens will have to do their best to find crazy solutions and escape the clutches, and scalpels, of the insane doctor.

Stupid Invaders is an Action/Adventure video game for PC published by Ubi Soft. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

Our newest cheats for Stupid Invaders were added April 20, 2002. We also have the game available on Dreamcast, in addition to PC.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs



Stupid Invaders is filled with a lot of objects that you can interact with. Many of these objects are there for humor only. Things like TVs, pictures, books, and some other items typically have no effect on game progress or solving puzzles. They only serve to make you laugh. As such, these objects will not be mentioned in these hints. Similarly, there are a number of things that you can do that will kill your character. Some of these death sequences are related to puzzles, but others are purely for humor -- that is, you can just avoid the deadly action and get on with the rest of the game. If you don't see a hint like "How can I do X without dying?", you most likely don't need one, since X is only there for the comic value.


I can't find the _____ that you said was in the _____ room!: Make sure you check out all of the areas of the screen that say "Walk Here" or "Go Here".

They typically take you to another screen within the same room.

There are also areas that take you to other screens but that aren't marked when you put your cursor over them.

So always try to walk around everywhere you can.

How do I know what room I am in?:
The easiest way to find this out is to just save your game.   Then, the next time that you go to the save or load screen, it will display what room you were in when you saved.


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