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Welcome to the strange world of Lyndbaum: a sacred land linked to four magical dimensions. In Cliff, a village situated high atop a precipice, lays the ruins where the evil Summon Creature Goura is confined. It retains a terrible and hideous power, and as such, only a select few are allowed to enter the Chamber of Seals, let alone approach the ruins entrance. One fateful day, a cheerful youthhaving lost a little wagerguides a childhood friend to see the Seal of Goura. However, this friends true intentions emerge, and the wicked creature is released. To seal Goura one more time, a long lost sword is neededThe hunt for the Daemon Edge now begins

Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 is a Role-Playing/First-Person Action RPG video game for Game Boy Advance developed and published by Atlus Software on October 19, 2006. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Higher Level

After you complete the story you will travel further into levels and find a boss at the end. You can come back and fight the boss as many times as you want. You will get large amounts if exp and the rare item the drop.

Fighting Goura (Last Form)

You don't need to use any spells other than healing spell. You will be in special mono shift form so just hit him but don't use ultimate move as it will deplete your DUR guage faster. Use healing spell when you can't take another hit and keep hitting him. It should be over soon.

New Game?

After you beat the game, you can start a new game on the same save file. if you do this, you keep your craft night rank (NOT LEVEL!), your cash, your Beastiary, your weapons manual, and your stored weapons. this make the game incredibly easy the second time around.

Getting An Axe

First of all, you have to have a sword with you and equipped on the Field. It doesn't matter what kind of sword you use, it just needs to be a sword. Second, go into the Forest and go down a level. Keep going down until you see some grass. Cut it down with your sword and walk down to the next level. Next, walk to your right for a few steps and you should see a chest. Open it up and you will receive an Axe Shapestone! Finally, go back to your house, go into the Craftknight workshop (a.k.a., your room) and create and Axe with the shapestone and one Iron Ore. Now, you have an Axe! =)


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