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The popular and acclaimed Super Monkey Ball series of comes to the Nintendo DS with the latest installment, Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Go! Use the DS touch screen to play Super Monkey Ball in a whole new way by controlling the ball directly with your stylus. All of the most popular features of the highly addictive Super Monkey Ball series return for Touch and Roll, with 100 puzzling new stages and two new party games for up to four players! The new party games support the DS Download function, letting up to three friends play along with you, even if they don't have their own copies of Touch and Roll.

Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll is a Puzzle/Action Puzzle video game for Nintendo DS developed by Sega of America, Inc. and published by Sega on February 22, 2006. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 24 of our users have voted it 3.8 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Super Monkey Ball Touch and Roll were added June 21, 2009.




Extra Life

R, r, a, a, y, x, b, b.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Zero G Station/8-Revolution

This is how to beat this stage real easy. Wait till 53. 00 comes up on the clock and say 1-1000 then go straight. You should bounce off the long platform and then to the goal.

Ultimate Monkey Ball Strategy Guide ( Super Uber Really Long)

After you beat all the levels and unlock studio one you should see a monkey banana thing it will say 0/2006 after you beat it (it will be a hard level! ) you can get bananas to unlock a secret level while you are doing this go back to the first levels to get easy bananas in the first one you have to go through three levels until you get a bonus level collect the easy bananas in the bonus and all others levels of the first level get the bananas and repeat a million times (it should not take that many but it will take a day or so if you just started) after that it will disappear (the banana thing) to reveal a secret level quit that level go up to big bang boom zero g and studio 1 to see a level that says NEW! it is called Mesh Mash (oh and for beginners look at the map fully there are other portal things) after ur done with mesh mash you wont have anything else (except a longer credits) if you follow these steps you can beat the game 100% then go play some party games and play golf fighting racing or bowling and you have a special power the power of making everything curve! (in bowling you can do this but it will take a lot of skill to do it in golf) oh and you will be able to punch harder in monkey fighting plus ill tell you the hard levels tempest storm meteorite may him ice lolly pop parvar lava zero g station Really hard levels: Big bang boom and studio one Uber hard levels (secret level) mesh mash also don't use your stylus - it will mess you up badly! Just use your d pad for this and when you go back to the levels (not challenge mode) replay mode u get infinite lives oh if you are extremely good (to unlock secret level) go to sandy desert thing there's a parasite level go to it go down really really fast (be careful not to go out! ) there's bout 9 bunches of bananas in the air get them but if you are not so good stick to the program first level only tons of times! Now do you wanna know another secret go to meteorite mayhem and under the diamond hollow there's a portal under it also this game is super hard but really fun well I'm not gonna spoil the secret level its awesome This is how you beat the game or unlock secret level or whatever this is a awesome strategy guide use it hope you get 100%!


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