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Tired of always seeing Mario save the princess? Your pleas have been heard as the roles are reversed in Nintendo's Mario off-shoot Super Princess Peach. This time around, series star Mario has been kidnapped. You take control of Princess Peach and must work your way through a series of 2D side scrolling stages in order to save the classic mascot character. You select your level via a world map not unlike that of Yoshi's Island and can enter Toad's shop to purchase items. Peach isn't alone in her platforming adventure. She has at her side Kassaa, a magical umbrella. Kassaa can be used for a variety of actions, from striking enemies, to helping Peach float. Kassaa is a happy umbrella and always seems to smile.

Super Princess Peach (also known as Princess Peach) is an Action/Adventure video game for Nintendo DS developed and published by Nintendo on February 28, 2006. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 20 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for Super Princess Peach were added July 11, 2010.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


How To Make The Water Wheels Move

In places like hoo's wood, there are water wheels in the water. 2 make them move, stand on the closest land and cry on it. Somewhere a green tube will come up for you 2 into. You may have to look around for it. If you beat bowser in big form please post how you did.


The last item is called Endless Vibe. The only way of obtaining it is two beat the game 100%. This also means minigames and puzzles.

Defeat Petey Piranha

Cry on the beanstalk, climb on it, and when petey opens it's mouth, cry into it, then jump on it 5 times.

The Peach Hit Five

The more music you find or buy in the shop, the more band members you get. You you'll have the Peach Hit Five! You can find music in all of the worlds, or buy it in Toad's shop.

Blue Things WIth Bows And WIngs

You know the blue dotted things with the pink bow and the wings? It stays still until you throw something at, and then it opens and coins and hearts and vibe crystals come out. But if you don't have anything to throw, you have to options. Jump up next to it and hit it with B repeatedly, or stand under and use the angry vibe, the fire will burn it open.

Extra Coin Tip

On any of the turtles, instead of eating them or hitting them with B just as they are, stomp on them first so there are two parts, the shell and the body. Then eat both parts for double vibe, or hit both parts with B for 10 coins instead of 5!

No Need To Throw

If you see a flying blue basket with wings and a bow (you see them alot) instead of throwing something at it to open, just stand under it and use the angry vibe!

Puzzle Pieces

If your having trouble finding the puzzle pieces, the pieces for puzzles A-D can be bought at the store.


You you want to know what an enemy is called, go to the glossary. But it won't be in the glossary unless you beat the first level that the enemy is in.

Use Lakitu's Cloud

When Lakitu is flying after you, jump up and hit him with your umbrella. When he falls, his cloud will still be there. Jump on quickly and steer around until it disapeers. (Note: Don't jump or you'll fall off)

Fill Your Vibe Gage

If you stand still for a while in the Bowser's Villa level, your vibe gage will be filled!


If you change the the time on your DS to evening or night, the title screen backround will have stars, and if it's daytime, it will be sunny.

First Mini Game

When your on the first screen, hold R and press start. You'll be able to play the first mini game right away.

Natural Ability

Once you get to the gleam glacier level, go into the store and by the "Natural Ability." It won't have any affect on Peach immediately, but go into any world or level and get a star a the goal, and the star will turn into a peach and instead of getting only 50 coins, you'll get 777 coins.


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