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Namco Bandai's long-running Tales RPG series continues as players head to the world of Rieze Maxia, where humans and spirits live together, and take control of either the smart young medical student Jude Mathis, or the mysterious Milla Maxwell, who is always accompanied by four invisible spirits. The action takes players to the Kingdom of Rashugal, where a powerful energy source is draining the world of its mana. Gamers freely make their way through 3D environments, visiting towns, forests, mountains, and caves, and choosing whether they want to engage in real-time battles. Players can have up to six other characters in their travelling party, though only four may participate in combat. Battles take place in screens that mimic the surrounding area, and new for Tales of Xillia is the ability to link together with another character to form a battle unit and perform special attacks. Gamers earn experience and level up their stats through battles, they can unlock a variety of skills using the special Lilium Orb, and animated skits periodically provide more insight into the characters' personalities and their relationships with one another. Players can also head into towns to sell or purchase items at shops, meet interesting new characters, and take on a variety of side quests. This Limited Edition comes in exclusive packaging and includes the full game, the official game CD soundtrack, costume DLC, and collectible character profile booklet.

Tales of Xillia is a Role-Playing/Strategy RPG video game for PlayStation 3 developed and published by Namco Bandai Games on August 6, 2013. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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  • Obtained all other trophies : Xillia Master
  • Complete Milla's Story : The One Who Overcame For Her Unwavering Convictions
  • Complete Jude's Story : The One Who Fought For His Unwavering Convictions
  • Defeat the Golden Swordsman in Magna Zero (Bonus Dungeon) : The Strongest On Earth
  • Complete Chapter 1 of either story : One Who Knows of Liese Maxia
  • Complete Chapter 2 of either story : One Who Goes to Liese Maxia
  • Complete Chapter 3 of either story : One Who Can Feel Liese Maxia
  • Jude at level 99 with all skills mastered : Black Belt Kenpo User
  • Milla at level 99 with all skills mastered : Spirit Master
  • Alvin at level 99 with all skills mastered : Strongest Mercenary
  • Elise at level 99 with all skills mastered : Pro Spirit Magician
  • Rowen at level 99 with all skills mastered : Genius Tactician
  • Leia at level 99 with all skills mastered : Folklore Disciple
  • Complete at least 90 of 102 subquest throughout your run. : Best Sub Events
  • Seen all 275 monsters : Monster Doctor
  • Own 700 different types of items (incl Armor, Weapons etc) : Item Crazy
  • Item Shop at level 100 : Item Shop VIP
  • Weapon Shop at level 100 : Weapon Shop VIP
  • Armor Shop at level 100 : Armor Shop VIP
  • Accessory Shop at level 100 : Accessory Shop VIP
  • Cooking Shop at level 100 : Cooking Shop VIP
  • Participate in 800 battles : Beast-Hunting Knight
  • Defeat 75 rare monsters : Rare Monster Professor
  • Obtain at least 100 combo hit : Great Comboist
  • Use Jude's Concentrate Evasion 150 times in battle. Backstep during an enemy attack. : Concentrate Evasion Master
  • Use Milla to cast 150 spells in battle. : Spirit Artes Master
  • Use Alvin's charge 150 times in battle. Press the Arte button after using an arte. : Charge Master
  • Turn Tipo on and off 150 times in battle by pressing L3 while controlling Elise : Tipo Master
  • Use Rowen and manipulate 150 spells in battle. : Tuning Master
  • Extends Leia's staff length by using backstep during enemy attack. : Staff Artes Master
  • Link with Jude. Once Jude restores you 150 times after you have been down by an attack. : Skillful Restore
  • Link with Milla. Binds 150 enemies by stunning them. : Skillful Binding
  • Link with Alvin. Break 150 enemy guards. : Breaker
  • Link with Elise. Use Tipo Drain 150 times. Easiest to active if enemy is thrown up in the air. : Drain Magic
  • Link with Rowen. Use Auto Magic Guard 150 times. Rowen will activate it as long as enemy cast a spell either on him or you. : Spirit Artes of the Iron Wall
  • Link with Leia. Steals 150 items whiile the enemy is downed. : Amazing Snatcher
  • View all 220 skits. : Radio
  • Open 300 chests : Can't Leave Them Unopened
  • Open 800 white bags : Peta Treasureman
  • Open 50 Aifread treasure box : Pirate King
  • Exchange 459 Black feathers : Jet Black Wings
  • Kill 1350 enemies using their weakness : Brutal
  • Use 1350 link artes : Representative of Link Arte
  • Performed 450 chain link artes during overlimit : Chain Wanderer
  • AI uses 400 items automatically : Mentalist
  • Battle 800 times with food consumed. : Amazing Chef
  • Grade Shop

  • 500 GP : Max AC +1 - Increase the max AC of your character by 1.
  • 500 GP : Link Gauge -Increase the rate of the Link Gauge by double.
  • 3000 GP : Unlock All Skits -Unlock all skits. You can view skits at the libary option on your menu.
  • 300 GP : Material Point x2 - Increase the rates of material points by double.
  • 500 GP : Drop Rate x2 - Doubles the chance of finding items after battle.
  • 300 GP : Gald x2 -Increase the Gald earned in battle by double.
  • 2000 GP : Experience x5 -Increase the experience earned in battle by 5x.
  • 300 GP : Experience x2 -Increase the experience earned in battle by double.
  • 500 GP : Monster Data - Carry over your monster logs.
  • 200 GP : Special Item - Start a new game with Winged Boots and Arts Ball.
  • 700 GP : Accessories - Carry your accessories over your next file.
  • 200 GP : Visual Item - Carry your appearance item (Costume, etc...) over your next file.
  • 500 GP : Material - Carry your material items over your next file.
  • 300 GP : Consumables Items - Carry your consumables items over your next file.
  • 1000 GP : Gald - Retain your Gald when you start a new game.
  • 1000 GP : Max 99 Items - Increases the item limit to 99.
  • 500 GP : Max 30 Items - Increases the item limit to 30.
  • 1000 GP : Shop Level - Retain your shop level when you start a new game.
  • 5000 GP : Full Level - Retain your max level when you start a new game
  • 2000 GP : 1/2 Level - Retain half of your max level when you start a new game.
  • 1500 GP : AC +2 - Increase the max AC of your character by 2.
  • 100 GP : Arts Count - Keep Arts Usage data.
  • 3000 GP : Skill SP 1- All skills are reduced to 1 SP
  • 100 GP : Critical x3 - Damage x2 - Increase Critical rate by triple (this includ
  • 100 GP : Damage x2 - Increase damage by double (this includes enemies as well.)
  • 2000 GP : Arts - Retain your Arts and Arts related item over your next file.

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