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This is simply not the TETRIS you remember, as the main objective in this installment of the popular puzzle series is to pull the right combination of pieces out of a giant, rotating ball forcing an explosion that will further open the gap to the ball's core. Each time you reach the center of the ball, you advance to the next level. If you get mixed up or take too much time figuring out how to make the combo, a block gets added to the outer part of the ball, making your job that much harder. Not only that, but three such mistakes will end your game entirely!

Tetrisphere is a Puzzle/Action Puzzle video game for Nintendo64 developed and published by Unknown. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 6 of our users have voted it 4.0 out of 5 stars.

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View Credits

Enter "CREDITS" as a name.

View Vortex Sequence

Enter "VORTEX" as a name. Then, hold the reset button. Now a sequence showing all robots being sucked into a vortex will be displayed after several seconds. Release the reset button to end the display.

Hidden Music

Enter "G[Alien head]MEBOY" as a name. Then, press L + C-Right + C-Down to enter the special character in the name. Enter the audio screen to access nine additional songs.

Lines Mini-game

Enter "LINES" as a name. Now the object of the game is to remove an area large enough to released the trapped character. Line up three pieces in a horizontal or vertical line to remove them.

Level Select

Enter "[Saturn][Spaceship][Rocket][Heart][Skull]" as a name. Then, press L + C- Right + C-Down to enter the special characters in the name. Any level in any game mode may now be accessed.


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