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The Grinch is an Action/Adventure video game for PlayStation published by Konami. It's rated Everyone by the ESRB and 5 of our users have voted it 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Our newest cheats for The Grinch were added October 31, 2003. We also have the game available on Dreamcast, PC, Game Boy, in addition to PSX.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Get More Presents

To earn more presents, shoot the kids in Whoville with the egg launcher.

Jumping High

When you grt to the last painting and the last rotten egg launcher piece you swing on the bar to do that press Square button and then you jump a little after the middle of the bar so you get up there to paint the picture and get the last Rotten Egg Launcher.

Infesting The Mayor's House With Rats

In the Whoville Dump, infesting the mayor's house with rats may seem hard at first. First off, in the main area, climb onto the cement tube, and butt drop on it, and you'll fall inside. Jump on the red switch inside, and both of the electric fields blocking the green and blue tunnels will open up, but they're on a time limit. Stand on the oilspot, and rocket out of the tube. Head down the green tunnel. Once in the green area, run down the red tunnel into the area where the rats are. Look overhead, and shoot ALL the boards that are hanging in the air. Now run over to the grate at the far end of the area and shoot it with a nitro egg. Grab the blueprint. Now, as Max the dog, run over to the rats, and wait a moment. The rats should follow Max. Now, lead as many rats as you can over to the grate, and they'll enter. You can't grab every rat in one trip though. 4 at a time was the best I could do.

Accessing City Hall In Whoville

After reading the sign outside the City Hall (the building with a policeman standing nearby), aim the rotten egg launcher and shoot the center of the clock overhead. This will open city hall. After an amusing scene, enter.

Bike Race Mini-game

Destroy 3,000 gifts and complete 100% of the game. Look behind the bookcase in the workshop with the sleigh to access the Bike Race mini-game.

Copter Race Contest Mini-game

Destroy 2,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Copter Race Contest mini-game.

Pankamania Mini-game

Destroy 1,500 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Pankamania mini-game.

Spin 'n' Win Mini-game

Destroy 750 gifts, then go to the upper level of Mount Crumpit to access the Spin 'n' Win mini-game.


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