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From the Developer The Sims: Deluxe Edition combines The Sims , the most popular PC game of all time, and the top-selling Livin' Large expansion pack in one box with a host of all-new exclusive features and content. In this box you'll find: The Sims : Create an entire neighborhood of Sims and run or ruin their lives with the full version of the bestselling PC game of all time. Help your Sims pursue careers, make friends, and find romance--or make a complete mess of things! Open-ended gameplay gives you the freedom to set your own goals as you chart your Sims' destiny. The Sims: Livin' Large : With over 125 additional items, five additional career tracks with 50 additional jobs, and a cast of wild characters like the Grim Reaper and the Genie, this bestselling expansion pack puts your Sims into outrageous situations and settings. The Sims Creator: Create any Sim you can imagine with this powerful new tool that allows even novice users to customize every detail of how their Sims look. Choose their clothin

The Sims: Deluxe Edition is a Simulation/Life Development Sim video game for PC developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts on September 11, 2002. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and 62 of our users have voted it 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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Unlimited Money

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "motherlode" to get more money.

More Money

Press Ctrl+Shift+C and when the window appears in the top left of the screen type rosebud You will receive $1000 everytime you do this.

Mood Changes

To change your mood from bad to good simply bring up the cheat menu (hold CTRL+SHIFT+C=cheat menu) type in "move_objects on" in the cheat menu press F3 click on your person delete him/her (you might want to pause the game) go back to the live mode click on the person's head and he/she will appear some where on your property (NOTE: if you have a job SAVE THE GAME every time you do this, save it before you do this or your promotions and skills will disappear.

Max Needs

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "maxmotives" to fill all of your sim's needs.

Control Anything

When you are still in the NEIGHBORHOOD, press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "boolprop testingcheatsenabled true" and you can control who you sim likes/dislikes and all of your sim's needs.

Set Lot Size

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "lot_size " to set the lot size.

Set Time Of Day

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "set_hour " to set the time of day (unpatched game version).

Ticks Enabled

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "sweep on" to enable the ticks.

Ticks Disabled

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "sweep off" the ticks will disabled.

Toggles Sound Log Window

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "sound_log" to toggle sound log window.

Restores Tutorial

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "restore_tut" to restores the tutorial.

No Tutorial Object Generation

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "tutorial off", no tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded.

Map Editor Enabled

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "map_edit on" will enable the map editor.

Map Editor Disabled

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "map_edit off" will disable the map editor.

Quit Game

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "quit" to quit the game.

Crash Game

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "crash" will crash the game.

Set Free Thinking Level

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "autonomy " can set free thinking level.

The Personality And Interests

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "interests" will displays personality and interests.

Grass Growth Rate

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "grow_grass ", you can set grass growth rate.

Toggle Camera Mode

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "cam_mode" to toggle the camera mode.

Toggle Sound

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "sound" to toggle the sound.

Toggle Music

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "music" to toggle the music.

Tile Information Hidden

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "tile_info off" to hide the tile information.

Save Family History File

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "history" to save the family history file.

Save Game

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "save" to save the currently loaded house.

Tile Information Displayed

Press and hold Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter "tile_info on" to display the tile information.

Restoring Mood/health

hold down the 'Ctrl' 'shift' and 'c' keys at the same time until the box pops up in the upper left hand corner, type the words move_objects on press enter and go to 'build mode' click the hand icon, now you can pick up your sims drag them to the control panel and delete them. After you delete them go back to live mode and click on their faces in the control panel, they will pop back up on the screen fully restord and in a great mood. . . . warning: if you have your skills built up on your sims and you delete the sim it takes away a couple of your skill points


hold down the Ctrl,shift, and 'c' keys at the same time when the box pops up in the upper left hand corner of your screen type rosebud;!;!;! you have to repeat the colon and exclamation mark over and over until you run out of room in the box make sure you start with a colon right after the word rose bud, and that you end with an exclamation mark.


Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs


Cockroaches/Virtual Reality Set

Do not clean your house and wait for cockroaches to appear. When they appear, pick them up and sell them for 460 Simoleans. The game will describe them as the SSRI Virtual Reality Set.

Get Money Easily

First, buy a firework launcher. Then, shoot the rocket. When it comes down, press pause. You're now able to move the cursor on the rocket and sell it for 5,000 dollars.

Get Abducted By Aliens

To get abducted by aliens, buy a telescope and gaze at the stars at about 2 or 3 in the morning. Be patient, your Sim will soon be abducted by a strange light. Fast forward the a few hours of game time. The aliens will place your Sim back on the ground. He or she will go about back to normal, and may sometimes talk to a neighbor or think about being abducted.

Don't Waste Time Taking Out The Trash...

If you use the $30 trash can, when it gets full you can sell it for $30 (it doesn't go down in value like other items). Then just buy a new (empty) one without losing time or money.

Santa Claus

In your living room make sure you have a fireplace, a christmas tree, and a plate of cookies on a table. At night when all your sims are asleep Santa will appear and leave you presents.

Buy Big Houses

Whenever you make a family, click on a spot with no house. After you buy the land, put in rosebud;; , and hold enter. When you get to the amount of money you want, go to options and go to the neighborhood. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE!!!! Then hit the bulldozer button and click on your land. The message "The ??? family has a networth of $???,???. Do you want to envict them." Press yes and it will bulldoze the "house". Go to the top of the screen and press the Move in/create family button. Click on the family you used the cheat with and click on a expinseve house. PRESTO!!! ypu have the house. This is how I got the big houses.

Full Green Bars

Ok, hears what you do. when your sim is sleeping press: Ctrl+Shift+C then type in "objects_move on" . After you do this just click on the bed he/she is sleeping in and then hit the delete button. Your sim will disappear. When you hit live mode, your sim's mood bars will be all the way up. The only bar that will not go ub is Bladder. Or, instead of blowing your money on a bed, you can just put in the code and delete your sim. Don't worry, because when you click on live mode they will reapear. ~~~BUT THERE IS A CONSEQUENCE. IF YOU USE THIS HINT YOU WILL NOT HAVE A JOB ANY MORE AND YOU WON'T HAVE ANY SKILL POINTS~~~

Save Some Money!

Before the mail woman comes to put the bill in the mailbox, click on pause, press control+shift+c, then type move_objects on, then delete the mail woman. Repeat the process if you ever need to.

Santa Clause

Buy a christmas tree, hoiday cookies and a fire place. Then have all of you sims go to bed at 8 pm. Santa will come and leave presents.

Trap Roomie/Burglar

WHen an unwanted Roomie or burglar are leaving hit build and built a gate around them. The cops will get the burglar or the roomie will die.


When you have a lot of logic points from the science potion thing, make another potion and drink it. It could be an evil clone. But the clone is actually not evil, the game just says that. The clone will wash his/her hands all the time. Then soon the clone will disappear.

Fake Discovery

Make a family and make them find a job. Don't take any job except for the science career. Get promoted until your sim is a field researcher. This only happens very rarely, but anyways your sim comes home from work one day and the screen thing will say that your sim could get $1,000,000 for discovering the remains of an extra-terrestrial craft. When that happened to me, they found out it was fake. Although I don't know if there is a real discovery. If there is, Happy million dollars$$$!!!

Santa Claus

Make sure you have a fireplace, a christmas tree, and a plate of cookies in your living room. Then, go to bed. During the night, Santa Claus will come and leave you a present. (a pool table or something) Merry Christmas!

Full Need Bars

Enable the move_objects on code, enter Buy mode, then select your Sim and delete it. Return to Live mode. Click on the deleted Sim's face, and a red circle should appear. Note: If there is a pool near by, this will not work, Click on their face and it will reappear. You only have to save it if relationship stats or skills have changed. If you do not save, the stats and skills will go back to the last time you saved the game. Note: If you delete your Sim, its need bars will be all green but your he or she will lose its job.

No Bills

Enable the move_objects on code and delete the mailbox. There will be no mailbox to collect bills.

Never Pay Bills

Use the following trick to pay your bills, but cost you nothing. Tell your Sim to pay the bill as soon as he or she walks into the same room as the bill. Pause and save the game, then enable the move_objects on code. Delete your Sim, then revive him while the game is still paused. Resume the game and tell your Sim to pay the bill. The bill should be reduced to 0 Simoleons.

Never Miss Work

Enable the move_objects on code and put your garbage can in front of the vehicle. Enable the move_objects on code and move the car to a different location where an inanimate object is in its way.

Birthday Parties

Buy a cake and place it on the kitchen table. Select any Sim and put the pointer on the cake. Choose to blow out the candles with that Sim and every Sim that lives in that house should have party hats and toys. Note: Do not have the cake too long before you do this, as this will not work without candles.

Set House On Fire

Buy a rocket launcher and put it outside. Launch it at any time. As the rocket is about to land, enter buy mode. Enable the move_objects on code. Click on the rocket and drag it into your house. This will only work if the rocket can fit indoors. Resume live mode, and the room you placed the rocket in will catch fire.

Swimming In The Floor?!

Press ctrl shift and then c so the window pops up. Type in move_objects on (dont forget the on bit) next have you swimming pool and command your sim to dive in. Now click the pause button and drag you sim to a capeted area. My word now he's/she's swimming in the floor!

Kick Pink Flamingo's

Build pink flamingos and go to live mode. Then click on it and kick it.


Make your sim look though the teloscope at night (this may take a few nights for it to happen) and aliens will take your sim. He/she will be gone for about a day. They may miss work but you won't be called.


FAQs, Guides, and Walkthroughs


Sims Deluxe Help

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Live You Life

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