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Last Updated: April 15, 2014

The big day is finally here. You're ready to profess your love to your soon-to-be spouse in front of friends and family. But before you can seal the deal, a mysterious band of assassins barges through the church and tries to murder you. Meanwhile, your red-headed fiance Toki transforms into a knife-wielding blonde woman who fights them off with ease.

You control Toki and Towa, the two "dual souls" of the bride. They are traveling back in time with the former groom (whose soul is now inside a pet dragon named Drake) to unravel the mystery of the wedding crashers.

Time and Eternity is a Role-Playing/Third-Person 2D RPG video game for PlayStation 3 developed by Image Epoch and published by NIS America on July 16, 2013. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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  • Case Closed (Ch. 1) (secret) : You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 1. : Bronze
  • Case Closed (Ch. 2) (secret) : You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 2. : Bronze
  • Case Closed (Ch. 3) (secret) : You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 3. : Bronze
  • Case Closed (Ch. 4) (secret) : You finished every Sub Quest in chapter 4. : Bronze
  • Chain Master : You completed a triple Chain attack. : Bronze
  • Chain Novice : You completed your very first Chain attack. : Bronze
  • Chemistry Master : You pulled off 4 different kinds of Chemistry. : Bronze
  • Chemistry Novice : You pulled off your very first Chemistry skill. : Bronze
  • Combo Journeyman : You successfully executed 10 combos in a row. Keep up the good work! : Bronze
  • Combo Master : Combo, combo, and combo again! You successfully executed 20 combos in a row. : Silver
  • Combo Novice : You successfully executed your very first combo. : Bronze
  • Eternal Timekeeper (secret) : You obtained every single trophy. Good job! Thanks for playing! : Platinum
  • Flawless Victory : You won a battle without taking any damage. : Bronze
  • Gallery King : You unlocked every single gallery image. : Bronze
  • Godly Blessing : You unlocked every single gift. : Silver
  • Lunch Master : You received every single meal from Toki and Towa. : Bronze
  • Miraculous Ending (secret) : You unlocked the special ending. Enjoy a long, happy life with Toki and Towa! : Gold
  • Overwhelming Victory : You won 20 battles in a row without taking any damage. : Gold
  • Personal Memories : You took part in every single one-on-one conversation with Toki and Towa. : Bronze
  • Royal Blood (secret) : Toki, Towa, and Drake have all reached level 70. : Gold
  • Supreme Blessing : You unlocked all of Towa's gifts. : Silver
  • Supreme Ending (secret) : You married Towa. : Silver
  • Supreme Love (secret) : Towa's 'Love' level is higher than ever! Now it's time to... : Gold
  • The Simple Rich Life : You obtained 15,000 chronos. : Gold
  • Travelogue : You visited every single Memory Site. : Bronze
  • Treasure Hunter : You opened every single treasure chest. : Bronze
  • Ultimate Blessing : You unlocked all of Toki's gifts. : Silver
  • Ultimate Ending (secret) : You married Toki. : Silver
  • Ultimate Love (secret) : Toki's 'Love' level is higher than ever! Now it's time to... : Gold
  • Winning Record : You cleared the game on Normal without changing the difficulty once. : Bronze

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