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ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth (also known as Mission to Earth: ToeJam & Earl III and TJ&E 3) is an Action/Adventure video game for Xbox published by Sega on October 24, 2002. It's rated Teen by the ESRB and no users have rated it yet.

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Hints, Secrets, Glitches & Easter Eggs



When you first dace the Anti-Funk you have to turn the Earthlings to the good side of the funk by blasting them with your Funk FU attack and Funky Notes. After you turn one of the earthlings to the funk side, hit them towards the edge with Funk-Fu and make them fall off. Do this with all the earthlings so the Anti-Funk can't bring them back to the dark side of te funk. Then when you go head-to-head with him zoom in on him and hit im with Super Funk Notes.

Instant Demotion Present = Extra Life

An Instant Demotion present is not necessarily bad if it is opened while near the wiseman in the carrot suit. After opening the present, you will be demoted in rank but the carrot suit guy will promote you again allowing you to earn an extra life like you did the first time you were promoted. In 2 player mode, open the Instant Demotion while both players are on the same screen and you can earn 2 extra lives.

Double Points!

If you are doing something to funkify earthlings (i.e. rhythm matching, Funk Fu Blast, etc.), open an Instant Points present to receive double points for funkified earthlings.

Icarus/Funkify Combo

Open Icarus Wings and then open Funkify Notes present and you will be able to shoot funkify notes while flying.

"WAKE UP!" Sleeping Earthlings

Sneak up on a sleeping earthling by walking (pushing lightly on the thumbstick). When you get by the earthling, hit the black button. You will scream "Wake Up!" and cause the earthling to fall off the edge and also drop presents and money. This works well on sleeping dentists.

Random Mode

Successfully complete any level to unlock the "Random Mode" option.


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